Road To Body Rock 2023

Body Rock resurfaces after three whole years. Let’s find out what the competing teams are doing to prepare themselves for the competition!

Formerly known as Bustagroove, Body Rock held its first competition back in 2000. It was founded by Anna Sarao, who was urged to create the event to fundraise and save Culture Shock when they were at risk of losing the dance academy where they practiced at. The group of five founders soon became a group of three, including Anna, and they renamed it Body Rock to celebrate a new beginning.

Body Rock grew in popularity over the years through social media. While all the support is well-received and appreciated, Anna emphasises the importance of the audience projecting themselves onto those dancing on stage. The most important thing dancers should take away from the competition is inspiration. No matter how it is portrayed and perceived on social media, dancers should be present to experience other dancers, the performance and the talent.

Over the years, Anna also focused on the importance of balance for dancers’ well-being and health — something that should not be sacrificed for competitions. Not forgetting the up-and-coming dancers, Body Rock also has a Junior category for the young dancers to explore the platform and push themselves.

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With all the love and passion put into the growth of Body Rock, it’s no surprise to see how far it has come. Since 2000, the competition has gathered and united dancers worldwide, allowing a wonderful exchange of passion and energy while still setting a high standard of dance. And in 2020, one of the biggest dance competitions in the world ventured beyond the States and landed in Asia.

They hosted the very first Body Rock Asia in the Philippines, which witnessed over 30 dance crews from Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, UAE and Vietnam — further expanding the competition and connecting dancers from even more countries. Body Rock Asia serves as the Asian Qualifiers of Body Rock. This means that the Top 3 winning crews will be sent to compete for the Body Rock Championships in America.

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Body Rock officially returns in 2023 after a 3-year hiatus with their last competition back in 2019. Strategically named Body Rock: Resurrection, this edition’s events have actually already begun!

Body Rock Asia opened their registrations this September. Groups of 10 to 50 members with no age limit were required to send in their submission videos by 10 October. Qualified groups will receive a confirmation email and the Competitors’ Packet Information. The competition will take place in Manila, Philippines on the 25 February. Similar to previous events, the Top 3 winning teams will proceed to Body Rock: Resurrection in San Diego, with their entry fees waived. Teams from Asia outside of the qualifiers will not be accepted due to limited time and space.

Following that, Body Rock also welcomed the event with a fundraiser workshop on 15 October. It was a 3-hour collaboration class between Lando Wilkins and Ben Chung. Lando is the founder of Boxcuttuhz and Nailcuttahz, a former member/choreographer of Mos Wanted Crew and SuperGalactic Beat Manipulators as well as the current director of Kpopcenter. Meanwhile, Ben was an alumnus of Kaba Modern and SuperGalactic Beat Manipulators, a former member of Jabbawockeez and a current member of Kinjaz.

On 1 December, the registrations for Body Rock and Body Rock Junior opened up as well! It’s a similar registration process to Body Rock Asia, but this time, teams can choose between being a Competing or Exhibition team. With this, they are also required to submit a group video along with their team bio and awards to ensure they have sufficient credentials. Both competitions will occur on the same day, 24 June 2023, at The Rock Church Auditorium in San Diego!

Going back to Body Rock Asia that will be taking place soon, they have revealed a total of 38 participating crew this year! The participating teams come from eight different countries, including the Philippines, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan and United Arab Emirates. Part of the line-up are two crews — Lion City Lite and Style Groovaz Crew, that will be representing Singapore. There is no secret that the comeback of such a large-scale dance event will excite and unite the dance scene on an international scale, especially after three years of training and fresh perspectives; and that excitement is emphasised by seeing our fellow Singaporeans on stage.

We can’t wait to watch what the teams have prepared for this highly anticipated competition! Should you want to experience it firsthand in Manila, tickets are now available for purchase here!

Any opportunity to witness dancers showcase their skills and passion is a cause for celebration! Which teams will you be supporting for Body Rock 2023?

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All images courtesy of Body Rock Dance Competition.


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