The Fashion Of Dance

Ever recognised a dancer without having to watch them dance? Find out what dancers have been wearing and what makes them stand out.

There’s always something recognisable about dancers. It could be their mannerism or body language but also their clothing and style. In the fashion scene, we see trends come and go as is. The same applies to the dance community!

As we evolve through phases of looks, the more we explore ourselves and different styles of dance. Be it looking for comfort, breathability, functionality or using clothing as an extension of your expressions, we have had notable eras of clothing and styling that impacted many dancers.

So, what are the current trends, you ask? Here’s what the dancers are wearing today


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There’s been a recent rise and return of sports jerseys to the dance scene, especially basketball and football jerseys. Starting out as uniforms for team players then collectibles for fans, sports jerseys are now a staple in fashion regardless of whether an individual is athletic or into sports. The styles, colourways and even sports teams have inspired a reinvention of jerseys that made its way into Hip-Hop fashion. Now, it has returned to bring an athletic, casual style!


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We’ve seen the baseball and dad caps thrive, but dancers are now venturing with a whole new range of unique hats! These include bowler hats, bucket hats, brimmed hats and newsboy hats. Hats have been such a timeless accessory in fashion, and it’s no surprise with how convenient and easy for you to style them or switch them out. It’s almost as if you’re walking around with two looks ready to go, with a hat adding some flair, of course. Not to mention dancers are even incorporating fashion into performance, namely hat tricks into dance routines and choreographies.

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Utility fashion

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Utility clothing first originated in the military and eventually evolved into functional fashion today. Most utility fashion — cargo pants, utility jackets, utility vests, boots and crossbody bags — have sustained this long not only because it looks good, but it’s also functional by providing storage and often protecting from the weather. Brands achieve this by ensuring they use lighter and more durable fabrics while integrating plenty of pockets and more smart, technical details. Some brands that carry utility clothing include Stussy, Carhartt and Dickies.

Baggy Pants

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Similar to cargo pants, track pants and parachute pants are also resurfacing. Track pants originated as sportswear designed for one sport but slowly expanded to become universal athleisure wear. Parachute pants, on the other hand, became mainstream as they were worn by rappers during breakdancing. These pants were loved due to their functionality and comfort, which are the same reasons for their return. Especially with the trend of athletic wear and an oversized silhouette, they keep us warm and comfortable but still stylish.


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Finally, dancers are continually incorporating fashion into their lives of dance. This means looking good for class or events with layers. Be it with a jacket, vest or tee shirt over a long sleeve, layering has been one of the latest fashion guides. For international dancers, layering could be a means to keep themselves warm in cold weather. But what about the dancers in Singapore? Well, it does still keep us warm in the air-conditioned studios, but it also provides an added channel to express ourselves. The best part about this trend is it is subjective — you can easily work with the clothes you already have and it opens up your wardrobe options to be more versatile and innovative. Layering different textures and colors add depth and variety to your outfit, which might amplify your dancing and movements!

What are you wearing?

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