Five Dancer-Approved Sneakers

After recommending our favourite dance sneakers of 2022, we turned the tables and asked you for your favourites. Check out our dancers’ current top picks!

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As mentioned in our previous dance sneakers article, there are many factors that make a good pair of shoes. To recap, these aspects include size, cushion and support, flexibility, material and breathability as well as weight. Ultimately, all these components should ensure the protection of your feet by providing cushion, support and stability.

We asked you, our lovely audiences, what other sneakers should be in the list and you delivered! Take a look at what other kicks you could be rocking and dancing in.

Vans Old Skool

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One of the top favourites and highly raved-about dance sneakers would be the Vans’ Old Skool. The skate shoes are mostly made of suede and canvas. Both of these materials are known to be lightweight, comfortable and durable. Not forgetting their padded tongue and lining, which provides cushion and support for your feet. The Old Skool also comes in a variety of colours, allowing it to be an accessory to your outfit while remaining a classic and versatile pair of shoes. Especially at an affordable price point, there’s no surprise that it is a go-to for dancers!

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However, it is also important to note some possible drawbacks of the shoes. The flat rubber sole makes better contact with the floor but may not provide sufficient arch support and may not glide as smoothly as you’d like. That doesn’t mean you can’t still get a pair! Dancers just modify them by adding insoles for more comfort and arch support, as well as pasting on suede or leather soles to reduce friction.

New Balance 9060

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The New Balance 99x Series shot to fame due to its transformative components and premium materials that provided innovative cushioning technology. With four years of research and development, New Balance’s mission was always to achieve the perfect balance between flexibility and support. This was a huge achievement, considering the belief that running shoes can only have either flexibility or support while sacrificing the other.

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Fast forward to today, the 9060 is a new expression of the refined style and innovation-led design of many iconic models of the 99X series. It selects familiar elements from classic 99x models and combines them with the futuristic and visible tech aesthetic of the Y2K era. The intense comfort, stability, weight and breathability prove this pair to be a wonderful choice for a dancer!

Nike Dunk High

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The Nike Dunk High started out as a basketball sneaker — able to accommodate the movements and tactics of the sport. The leather ages durably and provides a lightweight and responsive cushion in its midsole. The high top also adds comfort and protection, while the rubber sole adds durability and grip.

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Being a sporty shoe makes it suitable for dance. But what stands out about this version of Nike Dunks is the arch support that it provides. This would allow users to utilise it all day without any pain in their back or feet. Knowing that dancers are prone to back and leg injuries, this pair would tremendously help sustain their bodies!

Nike P6000

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Another Nike recommendation, the P-6000, combines both aesthetics and performance. Made of mesh and leather accents, the shoe is breathable and cushioned with plush foam. It provides great comfort, although it might not be the most durable since it’s made for light runs and workouts. However, it is very responsive and delays underfoot fatigue. Not forgetting the sporty and retro aesthetic that has made its return! Overall, this is still a great pair for dancers to consider, especially on recovery or light dancing days.

Adidas Superstar

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The Adidas Superstar sneakers have been an icon for over 50 years, with a recognisable shell toe. It is made of full-grained leather that prolongs durability and comfort. It was originally made for basketball, so they were designed to support and absorb high impact while maintaining traction for fast movements. It was also embraced and popularised by the hip-hop community shortly after — making it an ultimate choice for sports and street legends.

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Currently, it is a lifestyle sneaker, but the shell toe feature remains to provide style, protection, and more comfort and space in the front. The Superstars have been known to last up to three years with no break-in period. They are versatile, comfortable, sustainable and easy to maintain. All these factors definitely add to the value of the sneakers since they’re made to last. It’s no wonder that dancers keep returning to them as well!

Have you added these sneakers to your cart yet? Cop one and step into the new year, geared up for your new moves!

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