Move And Groove To Seven October Dance Events

From krump showdowns to elegant ballet performances, mark your calendars this month for a thrilling and jam-packed array of events that will keep you on your toes.

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Breaking Point Movie

Following our dance movie article, it’s no surprise that we are excitedly waiting for the release of Breaking Point!

As incorporated in the title, the movie’s premise revolves around breakdancing with two brothers trying to make their name in the world.

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Featuring Breaking stars Kid Karam, Kid Kelvin, and Jilou Rasul in the main cast, make sure you catch the epic battle on screen.

Stay tuned to Shaw Theatres for the ticket release of Breaking Point, premiering on 5 October.

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Buck Invasion 3

Get ready to immerse yourself in one of the biggest Krump events, as StreetOps presents Buck Invasion 3 from 6 to 8 October. Over this weekend, there will be workshops, Krump, and open styles battles!

But that’s not all! In collaboration with Buck Invasion, StreetOps also presents Back 2 the Streets: Krump vs. Everybody. To supplement the awareness and spread of the Krump culture, this event consists of open sessions and exhibition battles to further connect with dancers of other genres.

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So get ready for an explosion of energy and excitement with every battle! Registrations and tickets to participate, attend workshops, and watch the event are available here.

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Danz Recital 2024 Auditions

Continuing the trend of event comebacks, Danz People has confirmed their next recital for 27 January 2024 which means recital auditions are just around the corner!

With at least 11 items for Open Choreography, Girls Style, and Hip Hop, it guarantees to offer dancers a platform to learn and grow. You can audition for up to two genres between 7 and 8 October, with a training fee of S$240 for the item you qualify for.

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Registrations are now open here with videos releasing on 30th September. Don’t wait any longer; it’s time to hit the dance floor and start practising!

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13 & 14

TAO Dance Theater graces the Esplanade with a grander scale of 14 dancers. The award-winning contemporary dance company presents a double bill of 13 and 14, their two latest instalments of choreographer Tao Ye’s signature Numerical Series.

Known for their distinct minimalist style of repetition and restriction, the company is recognised as one of Asia’s leading contemporary dance companies.

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Get your tickets for the shows from 13 to 15 October here.

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TAO Circular Movement Workshop

Aside from their performance, the dance company has also developed a workshop for professional dancers, dance teachers, and students that imparts knowledge of the Circular Movement System. It is a signature movement vocabulary developed by Tao Ye and Duan Ni, the Artistic Directors of TAO Dance Theater.

This workshop aims to enable participants to free their bodies by relaxing their joints, shifting their body weight, and emphasising the idea of weightiness.

There is a fee of S$30 but a maximum of 25 participants in this class for a more intimate experience, so don’t wait any further and register here.

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Introduction to Cinderella

Singapore Ballet presents segments of their brand-new production on the classic tale of Cinderella.

Keeping the traditional elements of the Fairy Godmother granting Cinderella’s wish to attend the ball, meet the Prince, and have the Prince enchanted by the mysterious and beautiful Cinderella. The tale then unfolds into a story of perfect love as the Prince decides that no one else but Cinderella can capture his heart.

Join them on one of their favourite magical fairy tales on 14 October and get your tickets here. Make sure to also come with your favourite costumes for the meet-and-greet photo session with the cast!

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Blast! Out Of Bounds: Apa?

Rounding off October, NUS’ Blast! presents Out of Bounds on 21 and 22 October. Celebrating its fourth edition, the production takes the stage with the boundless creativity of talented choreographers, members, and alumni.

Under the intriguing theme Apa? – “What?” in Malay, it delves deep into the intricacies of the creative process while exploring how individuals navigate, sometimes misinterpret, or find themselves lost in multiple perspectives.

Secure your seats here and prepare yourself for a mind-bending experience.

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