Here’s How To Style Charles & Keith’s Pieces, According To International Fashion Influencers

What is your definition of luxury? Here, Dreamfellas looks into the nuances of opulence as well as how to dress to achieve the look with Charles & Keith’s collections.

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As a devoted follower of fashion, my definition of luxury goods is something along the lines of Hermes, Louis Vuitton and Dior. Though I’m well aware that my take isn’t a universal one. For some, luxury goods aren’t denoted by the social status a product gives or its exclusivity, but by the privilege of owning something that isn’t a necessity. This was the exact ethos that landed Singaporean content creator Zoe Gabriel on Titkok’s ‘for you’ page.

Amassing worldwide attention with a whopping 21 million views on her video, the 17-year-old was met with malicious comments from Singaporeans who thought that dubbing a Charles & Keith tote — retailing for $79.90 — as a luxury good was a crime worth bullying over.

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If there’s anything that this saga has taught us, it’s that there is no hard rule for luxury nor is there any shame in your own definitions of opulence. After all, not everyone walks on the same road.

Though this situation did have me thinking; what is it about local brands that have Singaporeans turning up their noses in disdain? A quick scroll through Zoe’s comment section on the famed video shows that most — if not all — of the distasteful quips came from locals. Perhaps these commenters were motivated by the inherent urge to flex on those with less, to prove something. Or maybe their spite came from a place of shame for homegrown brands with many thinking that Singaporeans would not be able to penetrate the international market.

Courtesy of Charles and Keith

This could not be further from the truth for Charles & Keith. What started out as a humble outlet tucked away in Tanjong Pagar at the former Amara Shopping Centre, is now an international brand worn by the likes of ItzyLalisa and Hailey Bieber. Coupled with its rising popularity amongst global influencers, it’s safe to say that Charles & Keith has definitely earned its rightful spot as an international brand.

Personally, I think this brand is the perfect jumpstart to your first ‘luxury’ good as their products are of good quality with a high-end look and feel — without a hefty price tag of course. So if you’re a fan of the ‘model-off-duty’ look, keep on scrolling as Dreamfellas reflects on the many ways Charles & Keith pieces can be worn, as seen on prominent fashion influencers.

A pop of colour

Constantly worried that your closet looks dull or uninspired? Throw those worries away by accessorising with pastel bags, shoes or both. If you’re hesitant to bring in colour into your wardrobe, start by incorporating more hues through a bag, it requires the least commitment and it won’t be a stark contrast to your usual dressing. Plus, it creates loads of visual interest which is always a win in my books.

Married to Mary Janes

If bright colours really aren’t your thing, grab a pair of Mary Janes (MJ), otherwise known as the holy grail for all monochrome outfits. Both their Chunky-soled Adrian and Carlisle platform Mary Janes provide a chic spin to the classic look and feel of MJs. We recommend pairing them with a pair of high white socks or black tights for maximum comfort and style.

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Perfect your stomp

As Singapore enters its self-proclaimed ‘winter season’, you’ll want to grab a pair of fashion-forward boots that’ll withstand the weather AND fashion cycles. After all, a classic pair of boots never go out of style — a pair of Jules leather Chelsea boots that is.

Small bag, big impact

Reminiscent of Jacquemus’s mini Chiquito bags, Charles & Keith present to us a vanity pouch that is embellished in many different colours, perfect for any occasion. If you’re constantly on the go and need a lipstick or powder touch-up, this bag will be your new best friend (and favourite accessory). Though if this vanity bag doesn’t suit your needs, feel free to swap it out for any mini bag.

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All of the looks can be shopped online here or via their physical stores at these locations.

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