Looking For A Modern Cheongsam This Chinese New Year? These Are The 8 Labels To Shop From

Usher in the Year of the Rabbit with a refreshed wardrobe of reimagined Chinese traditional wear.

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There’s nothing more joyous than the sight of red lunar adornments brightening up the space of any abode to ring in the beginnings of a prosperous Chinese New Year (CNY). From spectacular light displays in the heart of Chinatown to hoards of shoppers finding delight in purchasing home decorations, it feels as though CNY celebrations have finally made a proper comeback since the pandemic took away two years of family reunions.

Accompanying this anticipated return of festivities is the sight of beautiful outfits gracing reunion dinners and our Instagram feed as celebrants flock to social media to show off their new clothes or — my personal favourite — cheongsams.

Withstanding the test of time, Cheongsams — also known as Qipaos — have deeply rooted importance in Chinese societies. Evolving from long robes worn by Machu women in the Qing Dynasty to the iconic figure-hugging dress that we are familiar with today, the qipao’s silhouette continues to be influenced and shaped by generations of Chinese communities. Fast forward to today, modernised qipaos have become a new cult classic amongst the younger generation that looks to stand out amongst the crowd.

And if you belong to the group that desires to flaunt a garment that boasts of heritage and style, you’ve come to the right place as Dreamfellas has a gorgeous line-up of 8 labels to check out in the year of the bunny to bring an abundance of luck into 2023.

Courtesy of GhostBoy Club (@ghostboy.club)

GhostBoy Club

Hailed as a Y2K haven for modern youths, Kuala Lumpur-based label GhostBoy Club is where you’ll want to shop if midriff-baring crop tops and salacious silhouettes are your cups of tea. Staying true to their formula, GhostBoy Club’s 2023 CNY collection dubbed ‘微笑送給你 Gift You a Smile’ injects a welcomed twist into styles that are synonymous with their brand. From the clever pairing of their White Mandarin Collar Harness and White Bodysuit to the fan-favourite qipao tops boasting bunny patterns, there’s no way you won’t be turning heads at the next family visit.

Be the envy of everyone at reunion dinner when you flaunt pieces from their collection as seen here.

Courtesy of Dreamscaped (@dreamscapedmy)

Dreamscaped (@dreamscapedmy)

Aptly named, Dreamscaped has an impressive supply of modern Cheongsams that will make any wearer look ethereal. Known for quality qipaos that are light and easy on the eyes, the Malaysian traditional wear brand has upped the ante this year with an upgraded line-up of festive pieces boasting higher quality materials and more elaborate designs. And if comfort is of utmost importance to you, you’re in luck as most of their dresses are finished off with a chiffon lining on the inside to provide optimal comfort — perfect for a full day out.

Order a dreamy cheongsam here.

Courtesy of Pomelo Fashion (@pomelofashion)

Pomelo Fashion

One of my worst nightmares is the realisation that the outfit I’ve ordered online doesn’t look good on me, making the excruciatingly long wait for my parcel to arrive all for nought. Thankfully, Pomelo Fashion’s ‘Tap.Try.Buy.’ function eliminates just that, as you’ll be able to select a handful of outfits to try on, which they can be paid for after you’ve tried them on in-store. Don’t worry about not liking anything you’ve picked out, as the function allows you to reject any piece that doesn’t suit your fancy at no cost.

If you haven’t tried this out for yourself, I highly recommend that you do since there’s a plethora of lunar-themed dresses to choose from.

Shop the collection here and check out their ‘Tap.Try.Buy’ function at selected stores.

Courtesy of Olive Ankara (@oliveankara)

Olive Ankara

Skirts and dresses aren’t for everyone. As such, Olive Ankara’s ready-to-wear CNY 2023 collection entitled ‘My Secret Garden’ is a perfect alternative for individuals who want to look put together. Equal parts chic and comfortable, there’s plenty to feast your eyes on with this collection, as the African-inspired modern hybrid cheongsams come in many different styles and silhouettes.

Make a bold statement with a sustainable cheongsam from Olive Ankara here.

Courtesy of Yeomama Batik (@yeomamabatik)

Yeomama Batik

Batik will forever reign as the backbone of quintessentially Singaporean fashion, which also happens to be the basis for Yeomama Batik’s loyal fanbase. Handmade with love, Yeomama Batik’s latest collection sees vibrant and elaborate batik designs fashioned into a fuss-free cheongsam that oozes luxe and artsy flair. Trust us when we say that pieces from this collection could be worn for a couple of years and would not bore each time.

Flaunt a batikful (pun intended) cheongsam from Yeomama Batik here.

Courtesy of Ciel (@cielofficial)


Serene lush fields are a sight that isn’t commonplace on our island, but that won’t stop us from livening up our concrete jungle with floral prints. Ciel’s Lunar 2023 collection takes floral motifs to new heights by depicting wide open fields that create visual interest reminiscent of wearing a painting. Think paddy fields drawn in the art style of olden-day Chinese portraits, and that’s what you’re getting from their newest Cheongsam line-up — a gorgeous display of wearable art.

Wear a piece of nature from Ciel here.

Courtesy of Inch Perfect (@inchperfect.co)

Inch Perfect

Inch Perfect has perfected the art of flattering a woman’s curves with whimsical clothing. This year, the indie store injects a festive spin into its usual formula of fashionable corsets that have helped to popularise the brand. Soft pastel colours, deconstructed mandarin collars and a tasteful selection of florals are the names of the game for Inch Perfect’s lunar collection, and we’re all here for it.

Deck out in whimsical cheongsams fit for faes here.

Courtesy of MGP label (@mgplabel)

MGP label

For my petite friends out there who are looking for a qipao that would best compliment your build, I’ve got just the store you seek. Homegrown brand MGP label has myriads of Cheongsam options, most of which feature shorter skirts to allow for more leg room and the illusion of elongated legs. With MGP’s qipaos, finding the perfect angle to shoot your CNY fit of the day would be a breeze as you’ll be serving looks left and right.

Find a cheongsam that best suits you here.

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