The Denim Styles Of Today

A classic for decades, denim is back in trend with new ways to style it and unique pieces from our local vintage stores.

Since the birth of denim in the mid-1800s, it has gone from a practical piece of uniform and workwear to a fashion staple in today’s context.

It has evolved and been stylised into one of the most versatile fabrics in everyone’s closet. No matter the occasion and style, there will be a piece of denim suitable to be dressed up or for a casual fit.

It’s no wonder that it will never go out of style and it justifies the recent denim comeback! We’ve seen a rise in denim trends and here are the few that we love:

Baggy jeans

Courtesy of Vogue France and Refinery29

With Y2K styles on the rise, it’s no surprise that the baggy silhouette, low-rise and off-duty look has taken over by storm.

Utilitarian wear, specifically the cargo, had its moment as a staple red carpet look in the early aughts and it has returned with a denim collaboration. Often paired with a fitted top to balance out the bagginess, we foresee this versatile and comfy piece sticking around.

Courtesy of Real Simple

Moreover, baggy jeans come in varying designs, including patchwork and two-toned jeans to complement the Y2K-esque style and silhouette.

Maxi denim skirts

Courtesy of Fashion United

The Spring/Summer 2023 runways brought forth the maxi denim skirts that elongated the body.

Beyond Miu Miu and Maison Margiela, the maxi denim skirt has proved to be flexible with plenty of styling options.

It has quickly been incorporated into street styles and utilised in everyday fashion.

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Double Denim

Courtesy of British Vogue

You might remember the denim-on-denim controversy initiated by Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake, which might have deterred individuals from exploring the combination.

Courtesy of British Vogue and Free People

However, we’ve come a long way and we’ve since explored plenty of different ways to pull off the double denim — even with the same shade of denim to achieve a monochromatic look.

Y2K Denim

Unsurprisingly, the Y2K aesthetic is still going strong in 2023! This means there is a return of the nostalgic denim categories such as low-rise jeans, cargo pockets, and mini skirts.

Courtesy of Nastygal and Pinterest

And some of these denim pieces are uniquely designed, whether it’s tie-dyed, embossed, two-toned, painted on like graffiti, dotted with jewels or fashioned with various fabrics.

More and more of such vintage styles have been coming back to fit the effortless and functional pocket of fashion — especially after the emphasis on comfort after the pandemic.

Courtesy of Cosmopolitan and Vogue

HBO’s Euphoria displayed the comeback of the Y2K denim trend throughout the second series. We dived much deeper into the style and makeup of Euphoria in this article.

Where to get unique denim pieces?

On top of the classic trends, we also want to appreciate the unique and creative denim pieces curated right here in Singapore!


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How do you stay on trend while standing out? Spooder.grail helps you do that by curating vintage and thrifted jeans, and adding on to that with their own customisations! The bleach-painted jeans will be one-of-a-kind as it’s hand-painted.

Even if replicated or used as inspiration, there won’t be another just like it. It can also encourage more DIY reworks for your own personalised piece of denim so check out their Instagram shop now!

Sunkissed Oranges

Courtesy of Sunkissed Oranges (@sunkissed_oranges)

Another Instagram store, Sunkissed Oranges also provide their selected picks of thrifted and vintage denim.

And with an added bonus, the denim pieces here come in a variety of garments including jeans, tops, dresses and bags!

If you want to find new ways to wear your denim, start shopping for their items or get your inspiration here.


Vintagewknd is a vintage & rework store in Singapore that specialises in styling and creating sustainable fashion for the mass market. They have been stocking original and reworked vintage pieces in a variety of styles for seven years.

As they worked more closely with garment production and waste facilities, the vast amounts of waste generated by the fashion industry inspired them to start reworking items. These items include reworked denim in different styles and designs such as jeans, tops and bags too.

Courtesy of Vintagewknd

Some of their most popular denim items have been their dualism jeans, bleach dye jeans, reworked denim jackets, overalls, dresses, shorts, bags and more!

While some of them might look similar, there is no one like the other. It elevates the dynamic of the look and adds variety to a usually normal garment. Not forgetting that it’s sustainable fashion too.

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You can shop from Vintagewknd on their website here, or head down to their physical store at 16 Haji Lane — Super Wasted!

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