Best Dance Sneakers In 2022

From enhancing our mobility and performance to preventing injuries, the footwear we choose plays a significant role in our dancing. What makes a good pair of dance sneakers?

Beyond the aesthetics and an accessory to our outfits, shoes serve the purpose of protecting and cushioning our feet while providing them support and stability. Especially with the force we exert and apply through our bodies, there is plenty to consider when deciding on a pair. Here are some factors to look out for!

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1. Size

First and foremost, it’s essential to get sneakers that fit.

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Too-big shoes can be uncomfortable and often slip off, possibly slowing you down and affecting footwork movements. And since you’re not receiving proper support, this can give leeway to blisters, sores and even ankle injuries. Similarly, too-small sneakers may also cause blisters, instability in movement and aggravate foot pain.

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So, always ensure that your shoes are of the correct size! If you’re still uncertain about a size chart, Nike has an extensive guide for measuring your foot size and width for the best-fitted shoes here.

2. Cushion and support

Without adequate support, our feet are more vulnerable to the weight and shock we put on them. This would hurt our feet, ankles, and legs and affect our performance.

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With proper cushioning, our weight evenly distributes, and the impact is absorbed — keeping your feet comfortable and safe. Investing in cushioned insoles would also be a good idea, especially for dancers with flat feet.

3. Flexibility

The sneakers you choose should enhance your mobility and freedom of movement. For example, flexible shoes would allow a better and more dynamic range of motion. They would also push off easier and let your feet move more naturally, aiding in a more seamless performance.

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4. Material and breathability

The material of your sneakers can also affect the sneakers’ cost, performance, durability, comfort, flexibility, breathability and style. For example, leather is durable and flexible but also hot, heavy and prone to water damage. Also, different types of foam in shoes can affect the breathability in whether gas and water can escape.

5. Weight

Our performance can also be affected and altered by the weight of our shoes. Lightweight sneakers allow for better speed and agility, while heavier sneakers keep you grounded and supported.

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Of course, there is more to consider in picking out sneakers to dance in, especially those that address your specific concerns. The best dance sneakers are subjective, but these are five that we recommend!

Puma Suedes

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An icon in the B-boy culture, the Suedes have a thicker sole for added support but remain flexible. They are comfortable, durable and have excellent grip while staying affordable. Being present for over 50 years, they have proven to be a versatile and well-loved selection.

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Nike Air Sesh

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You know it — of course we have to give an honourable mention to the Nike Air Sesh! Designed in collaboration with the Kinjaz, this pair is made specifically for dancers. It is lightweight, flexible, as well as cushioned for comfort and support. Similar to the NB 574s, these have a wider fit for more stable and grounded dancers.

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A unique feature of this shoe is the dual-rubber sole, where you can be less resistant and glide more smoothly or have your movements be ‘stickier.’ The Air Sesh is meant to combine style and function for dancers.

Nike Air Max

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The Nike Air technology provides lightweight cushioning and is sturdy and heavy enough for dancers who want to stay grounded. In addition, the pressurised air keeps it flexible and provides shock absorption responsively.

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While slightly pricier, they are always available in their timeless, casual design. Plus, they come in plenty of colours for added style!

Adidas Gazelles

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Over 50 years, the Gazelles have evolved to hug the heel and contours of your foot. This makes the sneakers snugger, reducing their tendency to slip off. The shoes are lightweight, comfortable, and affordable!

New Balance 574

These shoes provide relief for dancers with flat feet as they are of broader fit. In addition, there is plenty of cushion throughout the shoe, especially around the ankle and the ‘encap,’ which consists of lightweight foam for added support.

The upper being made of suede and mesh makes it very breathable, resistant and durable. To top it all off, it is lightweight, comfortable and flexible!

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Which pair will you be rocking next?

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