Dance Events In December

As the year comes to a close, here are some dance events in December that’ll bring us jiving into the new year!

We’ve had the luxury of experiencing dance eventsrecitals and competitions again this year. Just because the holidays are coming doesn’t mean the dance scene will be taking a break. Here’s a variety of dance performances and experiences you shouldn’t be missing out on!

Courtesy of RAW Moves


Starting at the very beginning of December, Raw Moves Ltd presents Stutter. Happening from 1 to 3 December at Goodman Arts Centre, the show examines how we were obligated to embrace the pandemic and its consequences, causing a shift in our internal tempos; further impacting the relationships within ourselves and between one another. Consciously and not, we had to adapt our personal pacing and momentums according to the ambiguity of it. Stutter was conceptualised by Murasaki Penguin — an interdisciplinary collaboration between Anna Kuroda and David Kirkpatrick.

Anna is a dancer and choreographer from Japan. She bases her movements on sensitivity to internal and external airflow around the body, sharpness, fragility and unique rhythm. She aims to produce work where a dancer’s body leaves cells and memories. David is a sound and multimedia artist whose practice includes sound composition, live visuals, performance and installation. His works often relate to the flow of time and the essence of individual moments.

Witness their beautifully unconventional piece here.

Courtesy of Arts Republic

Seeing ______ Through the Eyes of Impermanence II

The Human Expression (T.H.E) Dance Company and T.H.E Second Company share the stage in Seeing ______ Through the Eyes of Impermanence II, featuring a restaging of 2012’s Hey Man! by resident choreographer Kim Jae Duk and a reinterpretation of Kuik Swee Boon‘s Helix. With a focus on the interactions of singular and collective selves, this double bill reimagines ways to exchange, encounter and exist — reclaiming a contemporary resilience for the challenges of our times.

The two companies ask questions regarding the nature of permanence as they evaluate the desire to capture passing moments and transient experiences in our ever-changing world. Are tangible objects and structures immune to forces of change? Could intangible forms, beliefs and values remain lasting in their relevance? What residues are inevitably left behind in the wake of impermanence? Find out more from 2 to 4 December at the Esplanade Theatre Studio!

Get your tickets here and find out more from 2 to 4 December at the Esplanade Theatre Studio!

Courtesy of Artistate (@artistatesg)

See You When I See You

Artistate presents See You When I See You on 4 December at Victoria Theatre. Through two shows, the Residential Dance Programme instructors and students will take you on a nomad’s endless journey through life and a grand adventure from the vibrancy to the desolation a traveller faces. “Let the winds take you where you need to be. From the excitement and glamour to the empty streets, there is a story to be told any and ever.” The production highlights the concept ‘Carpe Diem’ where life is what we make of it.

Experience the journey with the fine dancers of Artistate here!

Intensive Camp with Ibuki

This December, Recognize! Studios will be holding an intensive camp for the Waackers! Ibuki Imata will be coming down from Japan to hold this Video Shoot intensive from 4 to 10 December at Black Box Auditorium.

The audition costs $20 and will be held on 4 December from 6pm to 9pm. Upon successful selection, a registration fee of $550 will be required, with the $20 audition fee offsetted. Selected dancers will then undergo 3 sessions of intensive training from 5 to 7 December from 6pm to 10pm. The video shoot, choreographed and directed by Ibuki, will then take place on 10 December. Selected dancers will also be invited to perform at the upcoming RF Jam in Vietnam, March 2023!

What are you waiting for? Secure an audition slot for yourself here.

Courtesy of Recognize! Studios (@recognizestudios)

Team Ibuki Selection

Another dance experience involving Ibuki Imata and hosted by Recognize! Studios, an open styles 1 v 1 battle will be taking place on the 9 December at Recognize! for the selection of Team Ibuki. Featuring DJ Psyk and emceed by Jin, Ibuki will judge and select 3 dancers to mentor. These dancers will include 2 finalists and 1 wildcard round dancer who will ultimately battle at RF Jamunder the 3 v 3 open styles category. The entire battle process will take place from 7pm to 11pm, going from audition qualifiers to the Top 16 battles.

Battle your way into Team Ibuki by registering here!

Courtesy of Singapore Ballet

The NutCracker

Performed to live music by the Metropolitan Festival Orchestra, The Nutcracker is brought to life by the Singapore Ballet 7 to 11 December at Esplanade Theatre. Join young Clara on her adventures as the beautifully crafted Nutcracker doll from Dr Drosselmeyer comes alive and transforms into a handsome prince.

Based on a story by E.T.A Hoffmann, and with additional choreography and staging by Artistic Director Janek Schergen, The Nutcracker is set to some of the world’s most vibrant and iconic tunes by Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky. This enchanting ballet features breath-taking costumes and spectacular sets by local designer Aaron Yap, as well as characters that will dance their way into your hearts! Make sure to be present at one of the world’s most beloved holiday celebrations this year.

Make sure to get your tickets here and be present at one of the world’s most beloved holiday celebrations this year.

Courtesy of Arts Republic

Milieu 2022

Milieu 2022 is a contemporary dance double bill featuring an international cross-cultural co-creation between two veteran choreographers from Compagnie Irene K. — Low Mei Yoke from Singapore and Irene Kalbusch from Belgium. The double bill will also include an original work by award-winning international choreographer, Loke Soh Kim from Malaysia. Frontier Danceland presents this production on 9 and 10 December at Esplanade Theatre Studio.

Secure your seats here!

Courtesy of SCDT

Emergence 2022: Genesis of Life

Also happening on 10 December at Goodman Arts Centre is Singapore Chinese Dance Theatre’s (SCDT) 8th series of Emergence. It is their initiative to provide a platform for aspiring choreographers to be mentored by industry professionals and present their works in a dance production.

The theme this year is Genesis of Life, which seeks a profound way to explore dance creation to express indescribable life experiences. It aims to inspire individuals to be more introspective while living in the continuous evolution of human society and culture.

The works produced are of a Chinese dance style and this will be a bigger challenge for the choreographers new to Chinese dance. To equip them with sufficient skills and vocabulary, participants undergo the Dance Composition and Chinese Dance ‘Shen Yun’ workshops led by SCDT’s Creative Director Mr Benedict Soh and Founder and Artistic Advisor Mdm Lim Moi Kim respectively.

Get your tickets here and be prepared to witness these dancers’ best works yet!

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Love 4 Dance Camp

You saw and heard correctly, L4D is back this year, and as a 4-day intensive camp! From 13 to 16 December, this year’s rendition will be focused around celebrating and immersing in our local scene; diving deeper into the elements that embody the culture.

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Known as one of the most extensive and progressive dance camps in Singapore, dancers will be rushing to secure a spot in experiencing Hip-Hop culture in our local context — not just through movement, but also auditorily and visually.

Sign-ups are currently closed, so if you’re one of the lucky ones who managed to snag a slot, make the best out of it! Keep a lookout on their Instagram for more details and updates to be released.

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Emergence (2022) – A Freshie Debut Showcase

This 17 December at 7.30pm, Republic Polytechnic’s energetic Style Groovaz Crew (SGC) will be presenting its 18th batch of dancers. These ‘freshies’ will be taking to the stage and showcasing their unique take on what ‘HOMECOMING’ means to them. More excitingly, the news is that there will be some familiar faces making a comeback on the very same stage!

From their joining of the crew, the ‘freshies’ went through a vigorous 6-month training programme where they learn different dance styles SGC offers and receive knowledge imparted from their trainers, dance captains and alumni.

Grab a free ticket here and witness the crew’s groove and what it means to be part of SGC!

Courtesy of *Scape (@scapesg)

*Scape Intensives: Choreography with Girin Jang

Finally, there’s another intensive organised by *Scape and AK from 15 to 18 December! It is a choreography intensive with Korea’s Girin Jang, who will be choreographing a performance for the selected attendees to perform. Participants get to work on their choreography skills while learning how dancers overseas hone their craft and capture audiences. The schedule for the intensive lasts from 7pm to 10pm daily, starting with warm-ups, stretching and basics. The first day introduces the choreography, followed by formations, open choreography session and cleaning on the third day and mastering the choreography on the final day.

Upon signing up, participants can select between being a Choreography Leader or the Dance Performer. Selected attendees will perform the piece by Girin on 14 January 2023 as part of comma, a festival to celebrate our youth talents. Ultimately, the goal is to challenge youth dancers to deepen their artistry and craft by learning and training from established instructors. So if you’re up for the challenge, here’s your chance to push yourself!

So if you’re up for the challenge, sign up here and take the chance to push yourself!

Overall, it seems like the month of December is ready to inspire and challenge the dance scene! How will you be ending your 2022?

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