6 Places To Shop For Comfortable Dance Clothes

While we can move and dance in anything at all, why not invest in the assurance that there are clothes with quality, durability, affordability and comfort in mind? Shop here for your next batch of comfortable dance clothes!

Courtesy of Uniqlo


Known to be a dancer’s go-to for basics and versatile clothing, it’s no surprise that Uniqlo would carry clothing that would be comfortable and appropriate dancewear!

Of their many collections is the Sport Utility Wear collection which features activewear designed for high performance and comfort — be it during sports or daily activities.

Courtesy of Uniqlo

The collection includes pieces from their Airism line, often equipped with DRY technology to make them have moisture-wicking, cool touch, odour control and deodorisation features while being very breathable.

The Ultra Stretch line is also included to highlight comfortable and flexible activewear.

Shop Uniqlo’s Sport Utility Wear Collection here.

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Function Five Thrift Store

This wouldn’t be our first time raving about Function Five! They were one of the thrift stores we’ve identified to be size inclusive and affordable.

So, of course, they would have streetwear that is comfortable enough to dance in. This includes a wide range of apparel such as jackets, vests and sweats in their double-storey shop. Additionally, they hold good deals and promotions frequently, sometimes even giving out free clothing with your purchase!

Visit the Function Five Thrift Store at ​​43 Arab St, Singapore 199742. If you are interested in more vintage and thrift stores, check out our recommendations here.

Courtesy of Sonata Dancewear

Sonata Dancewear

Sonata Dancewear is a local brand that started out in 1982. Founded by professional dancer Ms Ong Long and her husband, they ventured into manufacturing and retailing affordable dancewear that are comfortable, durable, safe and of quality.

Courtesy of Sonata Dancewear

While the brand is ballet based and inspired, there is a wide range of clothes that can be worn by all dancers. Some examples would be their t-shirts, sweatshirts, joggers and jackets.

You can trust that your dance apparel concerns will be taken care of since these pieces are made by dancers for dancers.

Shop your quality dancewear while supporting locals here.

Courtesy of Queensway Shopping Centre

Queensway Shopping Centre

Queensway Shopping Centre has been a hub for affordable sporting goods catered to athletes and fitness enthusiasts. It has been home to many namesake sports brands and many familiar stores such as Limited Edt, so you’ll bet there are clothes and athleisure wear suitable for dancers.

Plenty of the shops here provide sneakers and sporting apparel for a fraction of the retail prices, mainly because what’s available are old stocks and last season’s leftovers. On top of that, discounts are known to be given out generously too!

Courtesy of Limited Edt

For sneakers below $100 and everything at a bargained price, there’s no reason to leave out Queensway Shopping Centre at 1 Queensway, Singapore 149053 for your next shopping trip.

Courtesy of CapitaLand

IMM & Changi City Point

Similar to Queensway Shopping Centre, IMM and Changi City Point provide an elevated experience for shopping for discounted apparel.

Both shopping centres are essentially outlet malls with your favourite brands, with mostly old stocks for sales and clearances. While comparable, the prices at these malls likely won’t compete with those at Queensway Shopping Centre, and they don’t embody the same rich history either.

However, you will have a more all-rounded experience when shopping for dance clothes and sportswear with more access to a wider range of stores in the bigger malls and plenty of food options!

Never say no to good deals and get your comfy dance clothes for less from IMM at 2 Jurong East Street 21, Singapore 609601 and Changi City Point at 5 Changi Business Park Central 1, Singapore 486038.

Courtesy of Footlocker

Sportswear Department Stores

One of the most common ways to shop for comfortable dancewear is none other than in our sportswear department stores. These include brands like Nike and Reebok that we can shop directly from but also include stores like Footlocker and JD Sports that carry multiple brands.

They are a great option for when you want to shop from a wider range and to compare the prices and quality of different brands in one place. It is also a given that they will have comfortable dance clothes for you to purchase all year round since they provide apparel for different purposes from lifestyle clothing to sportswear.

Stores like Footlocker and JD Sports are also great channels to cop limited edition and exclusive pieces!

Should you want to deviate from the common sportswear brands and want to dive into more local and non-basic streetwear labels, check out our dedicated article here.

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