7 Dance Events To Attend In September

The dance scene is reinstating itself in high gear! Check out some of the upcoming dance events you can look forward to.

With the recent return and success of large-scale dance events such as Super 24, it is evident that the scene is enjoying and celebrating more normalcy. The hustle has returned and with the pandemic restrictions becoming much looser, we can rejoice in the comeback of more dance events.

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Competitions, battles, performances, you name it! Just this month, we have a jam-packed line-up of events so if you’re in search of filling up your calendar, you came to the right place.

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Elevate The Streets Jam

Courtesy of Elevate the Streets

In collaboration with Leftmind InternationalElevate the Streets is hosting the ETS Jam on 10 September. The block party will provide experiences like cyphers, a full on hip-hop experience — with graffiti, DJs, MCs and homegrown rappers — interactive exhibits like panel discussions and VR graffiti, shops for food, beverages, clothes and vinyls. Finally, it will also hold the exhibition battle of the decade.

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Taking place at Projector X, the event kick starts with the breaking competition and all-styles exhibition battle. The Breaking competition starts with a cypher where mystery judges will take note of top-performing participants and 8 hand-picked breakers will be matched with 8 seeded breakers for the final Top 8 2 v 2 teams. Similarly, mystery judges will select cypher participants for the allstyle battle. The 2 pairs selected go against the 2 pre-seeded pairs for the exhibition 2 v 2.

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Plus, you can count that great music will be available with Emcee and Graffiti showcases happening as well. A panel discussion will also take place, where panelists speak on how they merged their love for hip-hop with community-minded causes, and the future of street arts in society today. With food and beverages available throughout the event, be prepared to enjoy your entire day at the jam! Especially with the return of a legendary battle between Bboy Farhan and Bboy Mahmud! Now there’s no reason to miss this.

Courtesy of Elevate The Streets


One of the events we’re looking forward to is the Re:Mix22 Street Dance Showdown! First established in the early 2000s and now returning in conjunction with the GrandPrix, this year’s battle will be one of the most demanding! Groups of 4 to 12 members will perform a dance routine of 2 to 3 minutes to ten judges.

Courtesy of Re:Mix22 (@remixtwentytwo)

Judges include Alif Aircho, Gin Lam, Aaron Soh, Kay Lee, Fredy Kosman, Gigi Gianti, Xiao Mei, Hakim, Kayte Willis and Rhythm Rob. What an insane line-up of judges! You know the pressure is on.

Live auditions will take place on 11 September at Danz People and the finalists will battle it out again on 1 October at Aliwal Street Carpark. See you at what will be an iconic event.

5 of A Kind Street Dance Festival

Courtesy of 5 of A Kind (@5ofakind_sg)

Ready for five whole days of non stop battles and workshops? Artistate presents the 5 of A Kind Street Dance Festival from 16 to 20 September. Highlighting Breaking, Hip Hop, Waacking, Locking and Popping in this event, international instructors of these genres are brought down for workshops for every day of the festival.

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Preliminary and Top 16 Battles will occur on day 1 of battles, while Top 8 and Finals Battles take place on day 2. To add on to the excitement, there will also be a judges showcase for every genre and an exhibition battle (Singapore vs the World) between some of our favorite local dancers with dancers from Germany, Hong Kong and the Philippines. Not forgetting the 5 of A Kind After Party to end off the first night of battles with food, drinks, and venue-wide music performed by DJ William from Malaysia!

Courtesy of 5 of A Kind

Shut Up and Dance

With the return of dance battles, also comes the return of dance performances! NUS Blast! welcomes you to their biennial dance production Shut Up and Dance — Destination:.

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This year’s theme explores the process of reaching one’s destination, whatever that might mean to each individual. Be it a dream, a goal or a milestone while embracing the detours and distractions throughout the journey because despite or because of them, we end up right where we are supposed to be. Pull up to catch both the alumni and current members of Blast!

ActiveGroove Street Dance Programme

ActiveGroove recently organized the Lion City Dance Convention. Now, catering to aspiring and beginner dancers, the Street Dance Programme is a 6-week Dance Foundation Course. It aims to help individuals from 12 to 45 with body awareness, rhythm, groove and body isolation! Lessons will take place weekly from 21 September to 26 October.

Courtesy of Active Groove

If you are looking for a platform to start dancing and brush up your basics, this would be the dance course for you. Over six lessons, the programme starts with an introduction to Hip Hop and grooving, basic bounces, isolation and foot variations with Legacy instructor Lester Zhang.

Of course, you’ll get a final recap of everything you’ve learned. To end off a fruitful six weeks and to utilise your newfound knowledge, you will get to prepare for an internal showcase throughout the programme.

Danz Collective

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Moving on to the next full week of intense dancing, Danz People brings back Danz Collective! From 23 September to 1 October, there will be a crazy line-up of dancing prepared. The event starts off with two days of the Danz Collective Showcase, featuring local dance crews and artists! Not to forget the two days filled with workshops by overseas instructors from Japan, Philippines, Indonesia and Malaysia.

Momo Koyama. Courtesy of Danz People

Looking to challenge yourself even further? Danz Collective presents the Momo experience. Over two days, dancers will experience a unique video-based intensive directed and choreographed by Momo Koyama from Japan. With just one day of rehearsal and another of shooting, this experience provides dancers an opportunity to improve their performance skills and to bring out their best through the rehearsal and production process.

Courtesy of Danz People (@danzpeople)

Of course, the week of intensive dancing wouldn’t go by without a dance battle and competition. The Hybrid Storytelling Battle and the Pre-Turnt Up! 7-to-Smoke will be taking place during Danz Collection as well. To end it all off, we have a series of community classes for everybody — from kids to seasoned dancers and even parents! There’s truly something for everyone at this year’s Danz Collective.

ITE Dance Emblazon

Courtesy of Institute of Technical Education (ITE)

Finally, returning on 30 September and 1 October, ITE Dance Emblazon represents the students’ passion for dance while showcasing their capabilities and talents. Aiming to develop ‘thinking dancers’, they prepare for this production for over four months, heavily encouraged to express their creativity and critical thinking through dance.

Courtesy of Institute of Technical Education (ITE)

Directed by Zaini Tahir, 300 current and alumni dancers and choreographers explore the theme, “Emerging from the Embers”. Showcasing a wide range of styles of dance, from K-pop and Hip-Hop to B-boy stunts and traditional Malay dance, the eleven dance groups are thrilled to share the stage after 2 years. Not to mention, this performance is part of ITE’s 30th Anniversary celebrations. So you can expect these passionate dancers to give you one of the best comeback performances!

Courtesy of Elevate The Streets

With all these events lined up and starting tomorrow, I bet your calendars are no longer too empty now. Maybe even too busy since there’s something to take part in and attend almost every day of this month. We’ll definitely do our best to keep up as well.

So, which event are you looking forward to the most?

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