Dance Events To Attend In March 2023

March brings us six unique and interesting dance events to experience. Pushing and expanding boundaries, there’s even an event for children and an event out-of-state!

Courtesy of Frontier Danceland

LEAP 2023

Frontier Danceland kicks it off with LEAP: a culmination of the young performers’ training in their PULSE Programme which is a one-year contemporary dance training and development initiative.

Courtesy of Frontier Danceland

This year, it features the first site-specific production that explores a revisitation of what is closest to us but is often neglected. The negotiation of nearness in space, time and relationship invites an engagement in conversations with ourselves in regard to how we have thus far responded to the very immediate environment that we exist in.

Courtesy of Frontier Danceland

Over two weekends (10, 11, 17 and 18 March) at Goodman Arts Centre and Frontier Danceland Studio, Frontier Danceland invites you to experience the diverse co-existence between people and architecture in refreshed ways!

There will also be a post-performance dialogue after the evening shows on 10 and 17 March.

Get your tickets here, with schools entitled to 50% off!

Courtesy of NUS Arts Festival

NUS Arts Festival: Spaces Between

The NUS Arts Festival returns with Spaces Between, which examines the idea of liminal spaces and the uncomfortable unknown as individuals transition between phases and states.

While liminal spaces bring discomfort and ambiguity, they also present opportunities for growth and positive change — physically, emotionally and metaphorically.

It aims to demonstrate how art can build connections and that there is more to gain in the spaces between a world of diverse and divided views.

Running across 3 weekends between 10 and 26 March, they achieve this with over 20 different shows across multiple genres and mediums like dance, music, theatre, film, art installations, dialogue and more!

More information about each event and their tickets can be found on their website.

Courtesy of O School (@oschoolofficial)

O School Recital: Journey to the West

Journey to the West tells the story of a single-parent family with strained relationships and their journeys to visit their grandparents.

Along the way, they face various obstacles and situations that raise past tensions and traumas, eventually forcing the family to revisit key moments in their past. As they recall simpler and happier memories from their past, the process of healing and reconciliation also begins.

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With over 400 talented dancers involved in this year’s production, O School is presenting the audience with a unique show on 11 and 12 March. The storyline will be portrayed by a different cast and program for each show day so the show you watch and perceive may be different than that of someone else (literally)!

Courtesy of O School (@oschoolofficial)

The first day will showcase items choreographed by Amira, Aryll, Cheryl & Jing Wen, Gladys, Grace, Haikal, Jasmine Ah Lee, O Crew and Zaihar. The second day will feature dancers under An An, Chelsea, Krisha, O Crew, Say Kiat & Farlina, Shauna & Madhu, Sherlayne, Xue Hui and Zelia.

Most of the tickets are sold out, so we hope you’ve gotten yours because you don’t want to miss out on this exciting take of a production!

Grab your seats on Peatix.

Courtesy of Summer Jam (@summerjamdancecamp)

Summer Jam Dance Camp & Radikal Forze Jam

Since March 2015, Summer Jam Dance Camp has grown to be the biggest urban dance convention in the Asia Pacific. It gathers a global pool of dancers to experience world-class training from an all-star lineup of choreographers and dance mentors.

Courtesy of Summer Jam (@summerjamdancecamp)

This time, there are 25 instructors to learn from with up to 12 classes in a day. Summer Jam doesn’t just offer intensive training but also a unique opportunity to experience fun and party with dancers from different backgrounds & dance genres.

The Summer Jam Showcase Competition is also introduced with 22 finalists from six different countries.

Courtesy of Radikal Forze Jam (@radikalforzejam)

RF Jam is now one of the world’s largest and most important Hip-hop dance festivals. With a reputation for attracting the world’s top dancers and choreographers, and their fans to Asia, the event is known to bring a force of inspiration and joy of dance to everyone attending.

Beyond the competitiveness of dance, the main objective is to help dancers make connections and have fun! Last but not least, you wouldn’t want to miss the closing ceremonies of the festival, the long awaited Hancai Beach Party.

So, clear out your week from 13 to 19 March, book your flights and ensure you’ve registered and gotten your passes on radikalforzejam! For more information, check out the RF Jam Guidebook here.

Courtesy of Esplanade

Second Hand Dance

Second Hand Dance is a disabled-led dance company from the UK that produce joyful, inspirational performances and digital dance films for children and adults.

We Touch, We Play, We Dance is created to be a mesmerising, engaging and fun performance for children under 3. The show is filled with surprises and joys where families can listen, watch or participate as well.

Courtesy of Esplanade

From 16 to 19 March, Second Hand Dance weaves around the space, inviting babies and children to join the warm-hearted and playful performance. With music mixed live by a DJ, the dancers respond to the children and guide them through a series of exchanges and encounters.

Tickets are available here.

Courtesy of Esplanade

Don Quixote 2023

Also happening from 16 to 19 March at the Esplanade is Singapore Ballet’s Don Quixote 2023.

Set in Spain, it tells a story of love, betrayal and eternal devotion. Kitri falls in love with Basilio, a poor young barber. However, Kitri’s father has every intention on marrying her off to the wealthy fop, Gamache. In Kitri and Basilio’s attempt to run away, they meet Don Quixote, an old knight, and his faithful companion, Sancho Panza.

Courtesy of Esplanade

From Kitri’s nifty footwork to striking lifts, this dazzling and humorous ballet sets out on a series of chivalrous acts, whimsical twists and proof that love conquers all. Don Quixote is a glittering showstopper, with sensational choreography and a stunning cast of toreadors, flamenco dancers and dryads.

First performed in 2014, the ballet received the “Best Premiere” in Dance Europe Magazine’s 2015 awards listing. It has since been established as one of the “jewels in the crown”, and a ballet of the greatest joy and artistic sophistication to offer our audiences.

Courtesy of Esplanade

There’s no reason to miss out on what would be an outstanding portrayal of dance and storytelling, so get your tickets here now!

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