8 Dance Events To Attend This May

Experience the world of dance without travelling or even leaving your home! Check out the exciting and exclusive events to sign up for this May.

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Movement Method Dance Camp

The Movement Method Dance Camp is organized by Arudhra Krishnaswamy, better known as Aru, and it is a 6-day virtual dance camp where you’ll get to meet and learn from various incredible artists from around the world.

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There will be one class held daily by each instructor from 2 to 7 May!

The participating instructors are Diana Schoenfield, Gloria Ros Abellana, Xuehui Loy, Shiori Kamijo, Haylie Harwood and Douglas Reddan — all brought together from Los Angeles, Ireland, Singapore, Japan and Spain.

Registration is now open here and classes are going at €22 for a single class, €55 for three classes and €95 for the full camp.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to learn from these globally recognised dance practitioners in the comfort of your own home!

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ODA Recital: On the Road

One Dance Asia presents their annual recital entitled On the Road on 5 and 6 May. This year’s story starts with a step, a leap and a sway as dance brings the dancers on a journey to play.

Through all the challenges and growth, a path will prevail — in one’s own zone. Join the dancers as they navigate through the many facets of dance!

Make sure to catch one of the three shows at Gateway Theatre and get your tickets here!

Come On In

Come On In is a 45-minute dance exhibition created and choreographed by Faye Discroll from the United States.

It is an intimate audio-based installation inspired by her performance trilogy “Thank You For Coming” — a series which summons “the unnamed forces that surge between the viewer and the viewed.”

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Upon entering the carpeted area, the audience may choose a listening station, each featuring a soundtrack spoken by Driscoll herself, offering a series of prompts similar to those she might give to a performer. A guided meditation unfolds with unanswerable questions about self and other, body and world, leading you through a choreographed experience into a private dance.

Alternatively, one may also choose to observe as the installation transforms as visitors become a series of slowly moving sculptures. The experience proposes the idea of the body as the receiver and mediator of language and invites us to inhabit the complexity of language and the ecosystem of the body.

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This unique experience is available at the Esplanade from 5 to 7 May as part of their da:ns focus — Body Language, featuring programmes that examine the interplay between dance, the body and text and speech.

Tickets are now available here.

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Technique Class by Albert Tiong

Albert Tiong is a graduate of the Hong Kong Academy of Performing Arts. His reputation precedes him as he is a professional dancer with Cloud Gate Dance Theatre (Taiwan), a guest artist with Hong Kong Dance Company and a resident Choreographer and training master for Frontier Danceland. He has also participated in many projects around Colorado, Fukuoka, Macau, Shanghai, Busan and Brisbane.

In collaboration with *Scape, he will be holding a technique class on 6 May, where you can expect to train in the fundamentals of contemporary dance technique, including proper posture, alignment and balance, as well as exercises to develop body awareness and control.

Classes are priced as ‘pay as you want’ with different tiers ranging from S$5 to S$20. Reserve your slots here and get your training in!

Legacy Dance Co Recital Auditions

Legacy Dance Co is holding auditions for their recital in October this year! As usual, auditions will be held by genre — Choreography, Hip Hop, Lyrical, Waacking, Breaking, Popping/Animation and Locking.

Students previously enrolled in The Legacy Experience, The Legacy Contemporary Experience and their Alumni Program can take part in the designated recital items without auditions, with the option to still audition for other genres.

Dancers selected from the auditions will go through 15 weeks of training and will have to pay the recital fees incurred. However, discounted prices are available for students of the Alumni program and loyal Legacy customers. Instalment plans can also be implemented for regular dancers, with a slight discount for students.

The registration details and audition videos are now available here. Make sure to be well-prepared for the auditions happening on 6 May!

If you are contemplating the recital opportunity, check out our recital article to decide if it’s for you!

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Born Pink Tour Workshop

Recognize! Studios will be bringing the Born Pink Tour Workshop by YGX Dancers Silvergun, Babyzoo and Rarmg to Singapore on 15 May! Prolong your Black Pink Tour festivities by learning from the show’s very own dancers and performers.

Each class will be 75 minutes and goes for S$45, or you can go back to back TO BACK with the three-class package going for S$120.

Slots are limited and are on a first-come-first-serve basis so don’t waste any time booking your slots here!

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Momentum Dance Festival

Republic Polytechnic’s Momentum Dance Festival returns with plenty of events lined up from 15 to 27 May.

The festival aims to encourage creativity in dance and promote original works of various dance genres by gathering the best of the dance groups from local schools and institutions, hence providing a canvas for dancers to explore and showcase the myriad of dance genres.

Of the exciting line-up this year will be the Momentum Showcase taking place on 26 and 27 May. Last year’s showcase brought a collection of 13 different pieces from various dance groups, and you should not be expecting any less this year!

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Alongside the showcase is the street dance competition — RPresenting to the Fullest 15! RPresenting has just recently concluded its auditions, with the judges and qualifying teams still yet to be released.

However, this doesn’t mean you can’t start looking forward to it! Mark your calendars for the finals happening on 20 May 2023 and get ready for crews to literally represent themselves to the fullest.

Find out more about the events of Momentum Dance Festival and stay tuned for more updates here.

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Style Invaders Crew Intensive Bootcamp

Artistate invites Robb and Morris Vandaele from Style Invaders Crew for a 4-hour Breaking intensive boot camp on 21 May. Renowned for their style and flow, don’t miss the exclusive opportunity to connect and pick up their insights and approaches.

This deep dive with Robb and Morris will explore their distinctive styles and intricacy. Learning from these two for a reasonable price of S$70, there are more reasons to show up than not!

Slots are limited so start signing up here.

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