Rémy Martin Toasts To Ambition & Sets The Stage For 4 Local Musicians

Being an artiste in Singapore can be incredibly tough, but four rising musicians are proving that the grind is worth it, especially with a Rémy Martin in hand.

Let us raise a glass for our homegrown musicians and toast to their ambitions! Late last month on 27 April, Rémy Martin’s new 1738 Accord Royal film stars four up-and-coming Hip-Hop, rap and R&B artists — AfrojuniorAxel BrizzyEsta. C and Louie Indigo.

‘A Toast To Ambition’ encapsulates the aspirations of these promising local musicians; “a new generation pushing boundaries and pursuing excellence in their artistic expression”. The film begins with a quote, apropos of the French cognac manufacturer’s campaign which unmistakably echoes its mission to “Team Up for Excellence”.

“It’s a tradition born of royalty. But not of those born into success. It’s born of those who build their royalty from the ground up.”

For centuries, Rémy Martin’s essence is all about the culture of excellence. Having crafted top-notch spirits, the brand almost always appeals to even the world’s most selective connoisseurs. And this time around, it’s known to the world that Singaporean artistes aren’t exempt from celebratory greatness.

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Tastefully made, the film captures how music, like cognac, is meant to be shared. In conventional Singapore where the creative path may not be acknowledged or well-respected, some aspiring artistes end up turning away from their true potential. Here, however, all four musicians are fearlessly embracing the journey to soaring heights. With absolute class, they are rising above the noise and of course, we’re here for it.

Louie Indigo shared on Instagram that he needs “a little magic to stay inspired” at times, which is why he enjoys “living in the moment with Rémy Martin 1738 Accord Royal”.

Speaking on the heart of the campaign, Afrojunior (also known as Benjamin Obaje or Heyokah) expressed the difficulty of being an artiste in Singapore — the strength and passion necessary to push through seemingly endless convention can be costly. Afrojunior also quoted in his Instagram posts that “Real recognises real”. To that, we say, touché.

“Proud to be joining the ranks with musicians like Usher and 6lack who have collaborated with Rémy Martin to celebrate music, passion, and the people behind every success,” Afrojunior added.

As part of the campaign, Rémy Martin has proudly presented the ‘Singapore Tastemakers’ Spotify playlist. If you’ve not paired your music to the spirit, you’re losing out. It’s time to elevate your listening experience. Enjoy the sounds and stories of these four local talents alongside a blend of uniquely oaky eaux-de-vie.

As Rémy Martin said, “serve and immerse yourself in the soundtracks of Singapore — music worth savouring”. Drink it all in with sheer indulgence, and like royalty.

Grab your bottle of Rémy Martin 1738 Accord Royal at amazon.sg and drink responsibly!

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All images courtesy of Rémy Martin.


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