Songs By Local Artists You Could Probably Dance To

For those dancers out there looking for fresh local finds to choreograph or sesh to.

Courtesy of WILD

If you are a dancer, chances are you’ve probably seen or even taken part in Feez’s Balik dance challenge which took the dance community by storm earlier this year. As a dancer-cum-local music enjoyer, I myself enjoy dancing and choreographing to songs by our very own local artists.

Rather than just for the sake of ‘supporting local’, there’s a certain novelty and quality that some of our homegrown acts have brought to the table.

While the local scene does boast several Hip-Hop acts like Fariz Jabba and ALYPH with inherently danceable tracks, let’s have a listen to some of the scene’s more unassumingly dance-worthy ones. 

Courtesy of Universal Music Singapore

‘Lari’ by Syaz Smooth

This R&B track laced with an addictive plucked synth bass melody and Syaz’s smooth vocals, is reminiscent of sounds by Charlie Puth with a hint of Daft Punk. Consider adding ‘Lari’ to your playlist for your next chill session with friends.

Listen to ‘Lari’ by Syaz Smooth here.

Courtesy of WILD

‘Future Somebody’ by Haven

Dark and sultry, this song would make anyone feel like strapping their high heels on.

Starting more calm and mellow, the track builds up just enough tension before the drop in its chorus, leaving so much room to play around with dynamics.

Listen to ‘Future Somebody’ by Haven here.

‘your house’ by Sun Cell

Courtesy of Sun Cell

Who says you can’t dance to shoegaze? ‘your house’ is perfect for those barefoot improvisation, (‘improv’) sessions especially if you’re down for some expression and exploration.

The different layers of vocals, instruments and even the distorted textures and dreamy melodies allow for so endless possibilities in movement choices.

Listen to ‘your house’ by Sun Cell here.

Courtesy of Homeground

‘One Last Time’ by Josh Makazo

Even at first listen, you’re bound to be swept away by this song’s grooves and steady, propulsive beats which probably call for some loose legs and other fancy footwork.

Conversely, you could perhaps, juxtapose the quick beats with stops, lines, and a little more jazz funk in your movements.

Listen to ‘One Last Time’ by Josh Makazo here.

Courtesy of WHYLUCAS

‘Fall’ by WHYLUCAS

Picture this: A whole lot of dancers on stage, firing on all cylinders. That is exactly what comes to mind when I hear this song.

The sheer passion in the vocals, coupled with the tension created by the chord progression, makes this song apt for a high-energy, climactic piece in a dance production.

Listen to ‘Fall’ by WHYLUCAS here.

BONUS: Unreleased Song by TENGY and Khally

Despite having yet to release this song, TENGY and Khally have teased the public with this dance-worthy track a few times this year.

Likened to the tunes of Burna Boy and KAYTRANADA, this dancehall-influenced track has already gotten the crowd up on their feet at live shows and will surely shake the entire dance community when it finally gets released in early 2024.

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