Interview — ROTB Releases Mixtape Side B

Singapore’s ROTB unveils Side B of ‘Mixtape’, a project that has been 2 years in the making. See what the boys have to say about it!

Courtesy of ROTB

Released right on the dot at midnight, ROTB’s second EP is available to listen to now! It’s been a long time coming and we’re all thrilled for the local music collective.

Catch up on what the mixtapes are all about here.

Before the release, we had a chill chat with ROTB. Cruise Side B below while soaking in what the boys have to say about their Mixtape project!

DFL: We know that this project has been 2 years in the making. Did you boys set out for it to be what it is today?

ROTB: I don’t think there ever was a real plan on how we wanted the music to sound and look, we just knew it had to be good. And in that pursuit of wanting to make good music and break musical standards, Side A and Side B came out of it.

DFL: So, other than spitting bars and being an animated bunch, what does it take to be in ROTB? Any rituals you guys went through?

ROTB: Like what ZFRL likes to say: “ROTB isn’t a group, it’s a spirit.” No real ritual or any specific routines, but if you got guts then you’re welcome to come and hang with us.

ROTB at Dreamfellas Launch. Courtesy of Isaac Thiang

DFL: We definitely want everyone to check out all the tracks in the Mixtape, but if you could only pick one to show what ROTB’s all about, which one will it be?

ROTB: Man Down, no doubt. The song features the very talented Sheeq Luna on the chorus and sees six of the members with verses on it. The song is about the commitment it took for us to be where we are now, and the struggles we’ve all faced along the way. We think everyone came with their own truths and sentiments, and that’s what ROTB has always been about.

DFL: Any hints on more projects or future releases?

ROTB: We don’t intend to sell out anytime soon, so we’re definitely gonna focus on making better music and solidifying our foundation as a team. I think the main objective now is to highlight the allure of ROTB and to get them to understand who we are. Y’know? Things that we love, how we go through life, that kinda relatability that great artists have.

Slick Bobby in the Minion dress. Courtesy of Isaac Thiang

DFL: We saw the minion dress being worn by Slick Bobby at our launch — thank you, by the way, very honoured to be the event for that to happen at. If Side B gets the same streams, can we have ROTB wear our flag as a dress, please?

ROTB: In Bobby’s own words: “$5.”

Personally, I have to agree with ‘Man Down’. This sick track is everything I need and love in music. Not to mention, a rap heavy track with R&B melodies.

Well, what’s left to say is if you guys want to see ROTB get styled in our Dreamfellas flag, keep streaming the tracks and we just might fork out $5 for this. Share it on Instagram and tag us!

Stay up to date about the boys’ next moves via ROTB’s Telegram channel here!

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