Songs You Need To Hear Before The Year Ends

Start the new year right with these local tracks. Our homegrown musicians are exploring new sounds, stepping into new grounds and putting out consistently exceptional music.

Fishing for new music? Go local. If there’s anything that our fervent musicians have shown and proven this year, is that they’ve got range and are bringing levels to the game; to be placed side by side with regional and even international artistes.

Courtesy of Zendyll


definite vibe for determination and fierceness, AE$OP CA$H’s latest release will have you embodying your rapper persona. Capturing the rising Hip-Hop figure’s vibe of being at the top of his game, ‘TRACKSTAR’ kickstarts his next rollout of exciting new singles in 2023 — some of which will feature top acts from the region like Joe Flizzow and Aisyaah Aziz.

Produced by the acclaimed RIIDEM and PravOnTheLoose, the cleverly written song immerses listeners in AE$OP CA$H’s cold and dangerous world as he reconciles his background with his recent burgeoning musical success. The song articulates his rise from ground zero, citing his lyrics, “still the same boy from the block, only difference now, dia orang faham aku really top (they know I’m really top)”. And using wordplay in his lyrics with ‘Trackstar’ and ‘Trapstar’, the groundbreaking artiste draws parallels between his success as a rapper and that of a successful drug dealer.

Get ready for a new sonic experience with ‘TRACKSTAR’ here. Check out the music video here, shot, directed and edited by esteemed videographer Feroz Flique.

Courtesy of Axel Brizzy

‘I Won’t by Axel Brizzy

Feeling a little romantic and sentimental? Put on Hip-Hop artiste Axel Brizzy’s latest single. ‘I Won’t’ was released earlier this month, two weeks after ‘Things That You Do’ — made alongside rising producer KEAS.

Unlike any other tracks in Axel’s discography, ‘I Won’t’ was created back in 2019 as a demo for a school project and recreated after with co-producer Khalif Rawi. This Pop Rap number boasts sweet melodies and vocals paired with swoon-worthy lyrics, talking about being utterly in love. In illustrating the feeling of a blossoming romance, the song details the small things one wants to do with their lover and makes the promise of never letting the other go.

As Axel gears up for more exciting projects to come in 2023, listen to ‘I Won’t’ and his other songs here.

Courtesy of Sun Cell. Cover art by @russellg.h

‘Away’ by Sun Cell

Need a song to reminisce about 2022 and look forward to the new year? Hit play on local producer Daryl Hor’s recent single and the last one for this year. Truly feel-good indie, the melody will leave you drenched in acceptance and absolved from any sort of negativity.

If you’re big on progress or are figuring things out currently, you’ll love this one. The song speaks “about growth, even when growth means parting from the people you grew up with, albeit with hopes of reconciling down the line”.

Feel a little less alone and add ‘Away’ to your queue and playlists here.

Courtesy of Draco Raj

‘Kanazhagi’ by Draco Raj

And for more R&B, play rapper and singer Draco Raj’s first-ever dance-worthy solo single. Pronounced kan-ah-ruh-gee, ‘Kanazhagi’ means “pretty eyed woman” in Tamil. This English-Tamil bilingual number infuses elements of R&B, Pop and Hip-Hop, all while expressing affections for a special lady blessed with pretty eyes.

Often dubbed a “fireball of energy”, Draco’s independent release is his first step into solidifying the foundations of his artistry with a newly explored sound — slower and more melodic as compared to his usual high-energy, hard-hitting flows. ‘Kanazhagi’ is notably produced by Kyrgystani Shabdan Beatz and recorded by Luke Bon, with mixing and mastering done by Malyasian music duo Music Kitchen.

Play the smooth, groovy tune here.

Take your next party or gathering to the next level with these local tracks! We hope you find something to love and relate to in each song.

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