The Evolution Of Crocs And Its Never-ending Fame

Seeing how Crocs are constantly dishing out meme-worthy and utterly fashionable footwear, we can’t say we’ll be surprised if it remains trending till 2024 and beyond.

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Me? I’d drown in Crocs if you let me. There’s just something about them that demands attention.

I remember when I was a little girl and (for me) Crocs were considered a “luxury” because of how frugal my parents were. It was that shoe that I saw everyone else wearing, that shoe I wanted but couldn’t acquire by my own means.

So, obviously, when I started earning and Crocs were trending, I knew I absolutely had to get my hands on my very first pair of “wearable rubber”. I’m glad I waited decades for this because the series of platform Crocs has been an integral part of my style.

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The Croc Craze

If there’s one thing Croc does well, it’s staying versatile and brilliant in the face of adversity. Sure, they were staked and frowned upon by fashionistas, but they’ve bounced back with several iterations that garnered oohs and aahs.

Something that was considered a faux pas for years has risen from the ashes. Nobody even semi-fashionable would be caught dead wearing Crocs but that couldn’t be further from the truth now.

They really do understand their audience.

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It’s become one of the most coveted pieces of footwear on the market — take a walk down any street and you’re bound to spot a few.

We see them grace the feet of rappers, musical artists, supermodels, and fashion icons. It’s even gone as far as to appear on red carpets.

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The visibility Crocs has within the fashion trend cycle has made looking fashionable easier and more “accessible”. It also doesn’t hurt when Crocs are super practical, comfortable, and long-lasting.

Plus, we can’t really argue with the allure of customisable designs (jibbitz) that comes with it. After all, style’s all about personalising and translating your personalities through what you wear.

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Viral-Worthy and Meme-Able Crocs

And with accessibility comes exclusivity, their opposing counterpart. Street and luxury brands make typical pieces of clothing absolute with their designs and hefty price tags, and that concept isn’t foreign to Crocs.

They know how to get the Internet talking by taking advantage of the meme culture and community. Throughout 2023 we’ve seen the brand showcase their playful side with special projects.

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Crocs tapped on MSCHF’s Big Reds Boots and came up with a yellow boot-clog hybrid that debuted at Paris Fashion Week. In June 2023, the Grimace Shake trend went viral and Crocs released a collection inspired by McDonald’s characters (including Grimace).

I mean, really, McDonald’s Crocs? What could be better?!

Credits: McDonald’s, Crocs

Shrek, a longstanding meme we’re all familiar with, was made into Crocs in September 2023. Two months after that, they unveiled fuzzy slides that mimic Ronald McDonald’s big purple buddy.

The verdict? The Crocs team is clearly doing things right and it’s really paying off.


Will Crocs Still Be Trending in 2024?

Credits: @xthuyle/Instagram, @justinbieber/Instagram

Seeing how Crocs are constantly dishing out meme-worthy and utterly fashionable footwear, we can’t say we’ll be surprised if it remains trending till 2024 and beyond.

Crocs has partnered up with the likes of Diplo, Justin Bieber, Post Malone, Bad Bunny, and Takashi Murakami.

They’ve even entered the fashion sphere when they joined hands with popular and mega brands like Alife, Carrots, Pleasures, Balenciaga, and Barneys New York.

According to WWD, Scottish fashion designer Christopher Kane surprised and delighted spectators at his 10th-anniversary collection show in 2016 when his models wore custom marble-printed Crocs clogs with natural gemstone Jibbitz down the runway.

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Following the show, Kane told WWD, “Crocs are great, I love them. I don’t really care what anyone thinks. I don’t think anyone’s got the right to say right or wrong, unless they’re God, otherwise just shut up.”

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And just a few days ago, American singer and rapper Lil Nas X unveiled and blessed us with a cosy collab with Crocs under his official title as global brand ambassador.

The iconic artist was first announced as ambassador earlier this summer, celebrating the news with the release of his The Heights collaboration.

The follow-up release boasts an even cosier design, introducing a snug look embodied in the Sherpa Mega Crush Clog. Adorned with faux shearling fabric on both the exterior and strap, this platform silhouette combines a striking aesthetic with unmatched comfort.


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Eons ago, who would’ve thought that Crocs would be endorsed by stars and celebrities? They’ve surely come a long way. We’re currently in a time where we’re ranking the best Crocs collaborations, seeing TikTok users give tips on styling Crocs, and customers fuming over sold-out Crocs.

In other words, Crocs aren’t leaving the fashion landscape anytime soon. Our advice? Grab this staple and incorporate it into your wardrobe ASAP.

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