Hennessy X Les Twins • A Solid Unification Of Dance, Music & Fashion

Guess what? You don’t need to dance like Les Twins to dress like them. Here’s everything you need to know about the Hennessy Very Special x Les Twins collaboration.

Strap in for this one. When I first caught on to this collaboration, the geek in me was immensely thrilled. To see the realms of dance, music and fashion merge together is by far one of the top news I’ve received this year.

Famously known as Les Twins, Laurent and Larry Nicolas Bourgeois launched a luxe streetwear collection with Maison Hennessy on 9 March 2022, following the release of the Hennessy Very Special Limited Edition cognacs last year. News of the collaboration between the French urban movement creators and Hennessy was announced in August 2019. It’s been a long time coming and the capsule is finally available!

The French cognac manufacturer has been collaborating with artists of diverse art forms for years, producing various bottle designs based on the selected creatives. And for the very first time in the Maison’s history, Hennessy teamed up with the movement artists and designer Stéphane Ashpool for elevated streetwear. Intentionally shifting into the inspired, creative territory, the Maison has introduced a redefined artistic collaboration platform with Les Twins.

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As part of the partnership, the music video for Les Twins’ single ‘Mirror’ was made as well — a visionary interpretation from the world-renowned dance duo. The visuals were formed to match the powerful song while the concept was based on unifying the urban street culture with an elite bourgeois setting.

This groundbreaking collaboration opened the door to a fresh, new territory for Hennessy, given Les Twins’ long-standing experience as models, muses and entrepreneurs in the fashion industry. As creative directors, the duo fashioned an inclusive, stand-alone collection and promoted street styles with vigour and panache.

“We wear pieces that stand out, that not everyone else is wearing. That was our baseline for these designs: we wanted to express our own aesthetic, in a subtle, coherent and very limited edition that insiders will recognise,” comments Laurent Bourgeois.

The line features fifteen unisex pieces produced with the finest materials and in partnership with the most esteemed ateliers in France, Portugal and the US. The duo and designer Ashpool has delivered a range of caps, jerseys hoodies, tailored pieces and leather statement clothing.

Some unique pieces include a sleeveless vest in glossy lambskin with a lining printed with the dynamic motion capture motif and colours used in the campaign’s visuals. There’s also a twist on the ever-trusty denim jacket — distressed in gunmetal grey and with the customised Hennessy dual bras armé in contrasting stitching on the back.

Of course, as dancers, the twins gave us designs that will allow for a full range of movement as well. One, in particular, is a leather classic cargo pant that is cut generously through the leg. Also, we can’t overlook the accessories which include a colourful bandana made of 100% silk (one of my personal favourites).

Les Twins shares: “Stéphane Ashpool expresses himself with colour and materials the way we do with dance — with lots of energy and flair. Hennessy really let us put it together as we wanted, with great cuts, discreet twists and some pieces that are more ‘Laurent’ or more ‘Larry’ but that will always fit perfectly with every wearer’s style.”

Stéphane Ashpool

If you’re a fashion lover or admirer, you’ll appreciate Stéphane Ashpool’s sense of colour and values of community. The prizewinning independent designer produces fashion at the nexus of sports, music and art.

The founder of Pigalle Paris, more a movement than a brand, has spoken to international audiences with street-forward clothing that reflect the eclectic spirit of Paris neighbourhoods. Pigalle has seen celebrities adorning its pieces since its inception in 2008 — the likes of Drake, Rihanna and A$AP Rocky. In 2015, Ashpool, the son of a professional ballet dancer and sculptor, won the prestigious ANDAM Fashion Award. Produced at Ashpool’s Design & Craft Studio in Paris, he fashions an array of streetwear and high-end pieces that blends unusual fabrics with unexpected colours.

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Les Twins

Surely, most of you have come across the iconic, pioneering dancers somehow. And no, if you were wondering, they’re not the Lombard twins in the ‘Step Up’ universe.

Born and raised in Sarcelles, outside Paris, Les Twins first made impressions by dancing on the Champs-Elysées to earn pocket money in their teenage years. The self-taught duo drew inspiration from “what was in the air and on the airwaves”, picked up classical movements and interweaved it all into their improvisational styles. Soon after, they were performing around the French capital and became known as the creators of urban movement; their names reached way beyond the Parisian underground scene.

In 2008, Les Twins garnered more supporters and shot to fame as finalists on the TV show ‘Incroyable Talent’ (the French version of the ‘Got Talent’ franchise). The duo solidified their presence two years later in the States for their performance in ‘World of Dance’ (WOD), earning nearly 50 million views to date. After which, they were tapped on to dance in consecutive world tours with Beyoncé in 2013 and 2014, danced for Missy Elliott, as well as clinched the champion title in the 2017 WOD produced by music sensation Jennifer Lopez.

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Since then, Les Twins have been continuously honing their craft together, blending street culture and instinct as well as inventing fresh moves in each appearance. According to the duo on Flaunt Magazine, figures like Will Smith, Jackie Chan and Jim Carrey influenced them to start dancing and adopt a unique style filled with emotion and animation. All of that creativity is without restrictions while they conduct workshops and teach original choreography across the globe.

Their aptitude for freestyle dancing and producing, coupled with hard work and determination, still surprises and captivates us even now. As I would like to describe it ‘Step Up’ style, they were truly born from a boombox.

Laurent and Larry Nicolas Bourgeois.

The Hennessy Very Special fashion capsule is available exclusively on HBX.com.

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All images courtesy of Hennessy.


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