Runway SG FW22: Locally-made Fits For Your Next Vacation

Runway by The Hive 2022 made a long-awaited comeback, after a 3-year hiatus, showcasing a line-up of tropic-like pieces that deserve to be shown off at every holiday destination. Add these pieces into your packing list!

The Hive Studios — a hub for all things creative and home to three professional studios — did a fantastic job of presenting to us some of the island’s most talented individuals, from fashion designers to captivating dance performers that livened up the space at Runway by The Hive 2022, an annual fashion showcase run by the creative studio themselves. In a night full of unbridled creativity and fashion appreciation, the show presented to us a plethora of visionary works ranging from couture to ready-to-wear lines.

One of the showstoppers for the night was undeniably Sheila Tjandra’s ethereal collection which had models sweeping the catwalk with ocean-like flared skirts and pastel outfits accentuated by delicate bead-working that’ll have any wearer of the garment feeling like a princess of the sea.

While I could go on and on about how this aquatic collection made quite a splash in SG Runway FW22, I’d also like to commend the designers who presented garments inspired by the tropics, a seemingly central theme for the show this year. There was certainly no shortage of ready-to-wear pieces, and I could see myself picking out a few swimsuits or dresses to bring on my next vacation to coastal havens. On that note, let me present the best of Runway 2022’s wearable art that you need to bring on your next holiday — or steal a glimpse into what Dreamfellas witnessed gracing the catwalk.

Binary Style

Drawing inspiration from nature’s beautiful hues, Binary Style’s modest colour palette of greens and blues is easy on the eyes, creating a pleasant and inviting collection that is flattering for any skin tone. Fashioning vivid colours and catchy patterns, these Southeast Asian-inspired clothes are made for the beach or an idyllic walk in the park — making your fabrics rustling in the breeze an Instagram-worthy sight.

Looking for an alternative to the Hermes scarf? Fancy a gander at Binary Style’s signature premium scarves as seen above, which have been commissioned and sold by Singapore Airlines and National Heritage Board museums. These delicate accessory pieces carry the motifs of iconic landmarks that can be found in our island city, such as Shop houses or East Coast Park to name a few, which serve as a great little moment of home while you’re overseas.

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Shop their vibrant collection here.

Mrs Deco

No travel packing list is complete without a set of cute swimwear to catch a tan in, and this is where Mrs. Deco comes into play. Helmed by Chantal Windley, the rhythm cycling instructor-entrepreneur started the brand with luxury and functionality at the forefront of their values. Windley’s brand is a nod to the Art Deco movement of the 1920’s, which marries strong geometry with brilliant colours and bold prints. Apart from being a feast for your eyes, these thoughtfully designed swimsuits were made to provide comfort both on land and at sea.

The Nailah One Piece is the brand’s bestseller as the flattering one piece fits any wearer like a glove, complimenting all shapes and sizes. What’s more, the eye-catching string on the suit provides you with the freedom to fashion it as you please, creating an aesthetically pleasing fit that is equal parts glamorous and functional.

Get a stunning swimsuit here.


Perhaps you’re heading to a busy shopping destination like upstate New York as opposed to serene beaches. If that’s the case, you’ll want to check out Joanna Lim’s eye-catching brand JOANNALSM. Through an avant-garde lens, Lim has created a couture fashion line that fuses art and fashion through challenging the norms of texture, technique and form.

JOANNALSM seeks to embody the distinct style of every wearer, which is precisely why the brand sells its tops and bottoms separate — apart from the jersey dress — to provide wearers of their garments with the freedom to mix and match with clothing of their own where they deem fit.

Get an exclusive JOANNALSM piece to strut on the streets here.

New Dawn by Pratyusha

And while we’re unable to purchase from this designer — though we may hopefully do so in the future — we had to give a shoutout to LASALLE student and designer Pratyusha, as collection New Dawn provides ensembles boasting sartorial elegance. With an abstract take on contemporary fashion, Pratyusha’s signature style seems to be one of billowed sleeves and structural silhouettes that provide visual intrigue.

The model pictured is wearing a gender-neutral set from the designer’s project entitled ‘How Deep is your Love’, a composition of classic and artistic elements that reference the process of new becoming old and vice versa.

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There’s no doubt in our minds that the student designer is destined for great things ahead, which is why we recommend keeping tabs on her by following her socials to delve into her creative process, documented in full detail. We can’t wait to see what she has in store for the near future and hope to see her at the next big local fashion event.

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