The Perfect Pair: A Guide To Nailing Coordinated Fits This Valentine’s Day 2023

In the spirit of our favourite romantic holiday, Dreamfellas lists the best shops to get matching outfits for you and your partner.

Courtesy of Arcade Clothing (@aforarcade)

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, couples everywhere seek different ways to express their devotion to their partners. From elaborate bouquets to fancy candlelit dinners, date night in February is a guaranteed memorable experience.

But of course, a big part of what makes Valentine’s Day so exciting is the prospect of dressing up — especially for couples who enjoy matching their outfits — on date night or otherwise. There are many ways to coordinate your looks, like wearing similar colours or perhaps sporting the exact same shirt, styled differently to suit each of your body types.

Whichever your preference may be, Dreamfellas has it all covered in our comprehensive list of where to shop for coordinated ensembles. We’ll have you looking like two peas in a fashionable pod for every type of date.

Courtesy of Arcade Clothing (@aforarcade)

Arcade Clothing

Debonair couples will want to shop from Arcade Clothing’s Valentine’s Day collection entitled ‘Best Dressed’. Their line-up includes Parisian chic styles that offer deep shades of raven dresses and a suave selection of menswear tops. Whether you’re parading around a museum with your beau or are seated comfortably in an art-jamming cafe, one thing’s for sure: you’ll both be best dressed in the room.

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Alternatively, if you’re looking for a brighter palette, Arcade has a bunch of outerwear that could be worn by either gender. Though it’s not an understated way of going ‘matchy-matchy’ it’s still cute nonetheless.

Doll up for your date with Arcade Clothing’s pieces here.

Courtesy of Kiholo Club (@kiholoclub)

Kiholo Club

Any good packing list for the beach includes sunscreen, drinks and of course, Kiholo Club swag. Made from 100% cotton, Kiholo Club’s lightweight and breathable tees — like the summer state crop top and summer state crew neck tee — are the ideal beach cover-up on your hot date.

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For the laid-back beach bums that enjoy lounging around under the sun, you’ll want to keep this brand on your radar as their store provides a wide range of beach attire and gear beyond airy tees. From hats to totes and even towels, a one-time purchase of their club or beach essentials kit could last you more than just a couple of dates.

Soak up some rays while decked out in Kiholo Club’s tees here.

Courtesy of Null Label (@nulllabel_sg)

Null Label

Founded by a sibling duo based in Singapore, Null Label is the voice for all youths. Representing individuality and self-expression, the brand promotes ridding oneself of derogatory labels that society may impose on them. We couldn’t think of a better brand that promotes self-love. After all, before you can love another, you’ve got to love yourself.

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As for their catalogue, picture oversized tees with matching baggy pants. That is the signature of Null Label, a very much Billie Ellish-approved style. Having a unisex line works well in this case as it goes to show that anyone and everyone should be able to fiercely be themselves, unbounded by labels.

Be streetwear ready with pieces from Null Label here.

Courtesy of The Closet Lover (@theclosetlover)

The Closet Lover

Ever gone cafe hopping and wondered how some couples — with coffee in hand sitting all picturesque in the corner — could look so effortlessly stylish? The answer is simple: Subtle colour coordination. If wearing the exact same outfit isn’t for you, try using accessories to bounce off the colour palette that your partner is sporting.

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It’s always in the little details. Like a beret or tote that flaunts similar hues. Or even choosing three key colours to play off of, from pastels to earthy tones. If this all sounds daunting to you, fret not as The Closet Lover’s Valentine’s Day collection has got you covered. There’s bound to be something that catches your eye for both him and her in their latest offerings, so be sure to check it out.

Check out The Closet Lover’s Valentine’s Day collection here.

Courtesy of (

Backstage Vault: Valentine’s Weekend

Looking to snag some Valentine’s Day gifts or seeking a good retail therapy session with your loved one? Then you’ll want to head down to Backstage Vault’s upcoming pop-up happening from 11 to 12 Feb, 11 am – 6 pm. Featuring brands like and Ahma.thrifts just to name a few, be spoilt for choice as you shop for a myriad of vintage and hand-made goods — from cargos to beaded necklaces and more.

Visit the Backstage Vault at Kapo Factory 80 Playfair Road Blk B #04-11 S367998 or follow their socials to find out more here.

Courtesy of Loncho Factory (@lonchofactory)

Loncho Factory

With Y2K fashion still taking precedence in our wardrobes, many of us are still on the hunt for a good pair of denim pants, cargo shorts and even midi skirts. And if you’d like to find the best of the aforementioned all under one roof, check out Loncho Factory’s Valentine’s Day sale where you’ll be able to get great discounts, the more you spend.

Simply head to their Instagram and comment on the piece that you want, all from the comfort of your home. Better yet, get your partner to join you on this virtual shopping experience so you can plan your outfits for the next date.

Shop for second-hand treasures from Loncho Factory here.

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