Your Next 10 Jewellery Stops, From Unisex And Vintage To Designer Jewellery

Discover the finest jewellery shopping outlets where style meets craftsmanship. From delicate designs to statement pieces, these brands offer a treasure trove of stunning collections!

Courtesy of By Invite Only (@byinviteonlystore)

By Invite Only

Courtesy of By Invite Only (@byinviteonlystore)

Known for its sustainable and ethically crafted jewellery, By Invite Only offers unique pieces that seamlessly blend elegance with eco-consciousness.

With their strong belief in connections, their timeless pieces serve as tangible symbols of the connections that matter most to you. Not to mention, their jewellery is safe for sensitive skin so there is truly something for everyone here.

Check out their extensive collection here.

Curious Creatures

Courtesy of Curious Creatures (@curiouscreatures)

A go-to for demi-fine and fine jewellery that will stand out from the masses, Curious Creatures emphasises jewellery that reflects your identity and tells your story.

Their in-house designs are inspired by nature, culture, and emotions, resulting in wearable art that is personal.

Every product is meant to encapsulate an eclectic vibe, a sense of the unexpected, and a curious exploration of ideas.

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Ensuring quality, collections are only produced in small batches. So get your exclusive pieces here!

Curious Creatures also provides the service to get trendy permanent bracelets and anklets and you can browse through the collection here.


Courtesy of PDPAOLA (@pdpaola_jewelry)

Aiming to create an industry-changing jewellery brand, PDPAOLA is the result of a balanced combination of the creative and business worlds.

The brand embodies creativity, family, humbleness, confidence, and boldness — qualities that are then translated into all their essential statement pieces. Loved internationally, there is no doubt that they are worth the investment.

Be bold with your jewellery and shop PDPAOLA here.

Untold Truth

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Untold-Truth is a premium unisex jewellery based in Bali that reflects authenticity, as inspired by the will to live life without the persuasion of society’s opinions.

Each piece of jewellery is carefully handcrafted in Bali, ensuring that your piece is uniquely yours with its own character and meaning.

Shop their modern take on vintage aesthetics here.


Courtesy of CrystalxJam (@crystalxjam)

Based in Singapore and on Instagram, CrystalxJam is meant for all the crystal enthusiasts out there!

They offer a stunning array of crystal-infused jewellery. Each piece is carefully designed to harness the positive energy and beauty of these precious stones.

Aside from regular drops and lives, they also specify the purpose of each crystal is meant for so you can specifically shop for pieces that align with what you’re looking for.

Their unique pieces sell out fast so check out their page here.


Courtesy of BY GOM (@by__gom)

Sister to Girls of Mars, BY GOM, was founded in 2020 to offer an extensive range of jewellery and watches to environmentally and socially conscious customers.

If you are looking to shop sustainably while expanding your collection with vintage and designer pieces for a fraction of the cost, this is the brand for you!

Celebrate the circular fashion movement with BY GOM here.


Courtesy of HardlyMentionable (@hardlymentionable)

Inspired by nature, the pieces at HardlyMentionable are meant to exude an essence of natural, ethereal, imperfect beauty, and gratitude.

Created through a variety of mediums and handmade with quality, you will find jewellery that you resonate with, and that will help you see the beauty in yourself and the world around you.

Shop your own piece of wearable art here.

Cute Things Commin’

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As branded, Cute Things Commin’ produce jewellery that is quirky, imaginative, and will definitely stand out.

Their playful designs are perfect for those who love to make a statement with their accessories. With weekly drops made of hypoallergenic materials, you can guarantee that they are committed to providing high-quality products!

Check out their wide range of whimsical pieces here.


Courtesy of OHT (@ohtnyc)

Worn by many K-pop idols and celebrities, OHTNYC has been on the rise, and for good reason.

The combination of powerful punk and classic elegance in their jewellery has taken over by storm. The array of versatile and unisex jewellery was designed with careful attention and quality to reflect your style, personality, and cherished moments.

Add OHTNYC’s pieces to your collection here.

Haricot Vert

Courtesy of Haricot Vert (@haricotvert)

Inspired by collages and cutouts, Haricot Vert offers many unique and imaginative pieces handmade with vintage ingredients.

Specially curated with sustainability and individuality in mind, charms are often self-drawn or recycled with DIY and made-to-order jewellery available to make them uniquely yours!

If that’s not enough, you are also able to create your own handbags or shop for home decor.

Make accessorizing more colourful with Haricot Vert here.

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