Choosing Between Dance Studios In Singapore

Some may say being spoiled for choice is a curse, but that doesn’t apply to the range of dance studios to choose from! Here are our studio picks and what they can offer you.

Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned dancer, dance classes and courses are always a great platform to grow and elevate your dancing. With the scene growing and more studios being established, it might be difficult to decide between the multiple schedules of classes.

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We have collated some of the best local studios and what they can offer you regarding classes, courses, genres, location, and pricing, etc. Of course, you need not limit yourself to one particular studio! They coexist to promote the same love and passion. This provides more of an overview and guide of what the studios provide!

O School

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Recently moved to GR.iD, the O School studios have been rebranded into L5 by O School. With 30 instructors, O School provides open classes, dance courses, teens and junior dance programs. They provide classes and courses for various genres such as Hip Hop, Street Jazz, Lyrical Jazz, Open Choreography, Girls’ Style, Soul Waack, Dancehall, Contemporary, House, K-Pop, Litefeet, and Heels. Juniors dance programs focus on physical fitness, confidence, basic dance skills and performance quality while teens dance programs help build a sense of belonging and identity on top of developing basic dance techniques, body awareness, fitness, character building, confidence and independence.

Danz People

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Danz People specializes in Hip Hop, Street Jazz, Contemporary, Open Choreography, and K-Pop. However, they still offer classes with a wider range of genres, including Girls’ Hip Hop, Swag, Girls’ Style, Jazz Funk, Lyrical Jazz, Dancehall, and Waacking. Open classes, introductory and intermediate style courses are available for adults.

Kids classes are also available every weekend at $28 per class, $280 for a term (12 classes) and $500 for 2 terms (24 classes). For a more genre specific program, Danz People provides the Kids Curriculum. Catch the 30 instructors at Marina Square!

Legacy Dance Co.

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Also located in Marina Square, Legacy features over 28 instructors who specialize in Popping, Girls’ Style, K-Pop, MandoPop, Choreography, Locking, Lyrical, Contemporary, Hip Hop and Waacking. Kids are also eligible for a 3-month kids course for $300 or a private session for $150 an hour.

On top of open classes and courses, they provide The Legacy Experience – a premier dance programme for anyone who is looking to kick start or restart their dance journey!

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TLE is a dance programme that offers consistent and progressive training with a dedicated instructor who monitors your growth. The programme lasts for 4.5 years with a minimum of 3 to 6 months commitment required! Another unique experience that Legacy offers is the Dance Team Building. Companies and workplaces can engage Legacy for a dance-based team building! They can opt between a 3-hour dance battle, concept video or workshop.

Recognize! Studios

Kids classes are available every weekend with a $10 trial class. There is also an annual kids dance camp! A 3-day camp centered around Street Dance and Hip Hop where they will be equipped with dance skills, self-confidence and expression through dance while having fun and forging new friendships with other kids in their age range. They will learn basic hip hop dance moves and perform choreography at the end of the camp! Ultimately, Recognize! has five teens and kids crew that hold auditions yearly. These crews will provide the opportunity for them to compete, perform, assist and even teach dance classes!

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Slap Dance

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Moving away from street dancing, Slap Dance is a dance studio that premiers pole and aerial classes. The workouts are designed to fuse the athleticism of aerial arts with the flow of dance movements from various genres.

The classes provide workouts that build strength and flexibility with practice classes and choreography workshops. You can learn from over 23 instructors at Robinson Square! SLAP’s trained instructors cater to all levels — from beginners to advanced or competitor levels. They provide a variety of platforms: single workshops, single practice classes as well as half-term, mini-term and full-term (8 weeks) courses.

Singapore Ballet Ltd

Formerly known as Singapore Dance Theatre, Singapore Ballet Ltd now resides at Bugis+ and provides a wide range of programmes and classes for dancers of every level.

Firstly, their adult dance classes are designed for all adults — whether you have no prior training, or years of dance experience. The classes come in various levels: Beginners 1 to 3, Level 1 to 2, and Contemporary! Next, the Scholars Programme and Ballet Associates Course are pre-professional training programmes created for student dancers between 10 to 19 years old, who are seriously considering pursuing a professional dance career.

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Finally, the annual Intensive Ballet Programme is a 6-days course that allows students of ages 11 to 19 to partake in a half or full day of dance intensive training programme. Students are required to attend a ballet technique class, pointe, repertoire and females’ variations classes or mens’ technique, and contemporary. The team is also involved in many performances throughout the year, with this year’s season being Metamorphosis. You can learn more about their events here.

One Dance Asia

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One Dance Asia was formed with focus on contemporary, lyrical and street jazz. With two branches at YMCA and Kembangan and 22 instructors, there is definitely room for everyone. They even have open classes for absolute beginners.

On top of that, they provide 8-session courses at YMCA for $225. These courses are definitely more technical with specific techniques such as foundations, floorwork, turns, etc. They also have a ballet subsidiary for children and youths starting from the young age of 2.5 years!

Converge Studios

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To end off this list, we have Converge Studios now with also two branches! They have a large number of 40 instructors as part of their faculty who teach genres like Hip Hop, Street Jazz, K-Pop, Jazz Funk, Jazz, Popping, Tap, Girls’ Style, Waacking, Urban Fusion, Dancehall, Locking, Contemporary and House — definitely the widest range of styles in this list.

Converge holds over 50 open classes each week alongside upcoming kids courses. With such a variety, they can cater to and house a wider range of dancers, even literally! It is definitely worth noting that their Potong Pasir and Dhoby Ghaut studios can hold 30 and 60 dancers respectively, so there’s more reason to bring everyone you know to dance with you!

There are way more studios in Singapore, but this eight may already be too much for the indecisive. So, for a better overview and easier comparisons, here’s a couple tables of the studios’ information!


What they offer

With this, we hope that you can narrow down your options further when deciding on a studio to visit. As mentioned, there are plenty of other studios beyond this list, but these are aspects we think should be considered when deciding. You can always explore different genres and studios at your own pace, maybe even attend a class at every one of them!

We are truly blessed to have an abundance of studios and instructors to help provide us with accessibility and optimise our learning and opportunities. So what are you waiting for? Time to book your next class!

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