Super 24 Is Back For 2022

One of Singapore’s most experiential competitions is back! Are you ready to witness history once again as talented dancers battle it out for the championship title?

Yes, you saw it right. Super 24 is back and we are ready for all the action, ideas, moves and celebrations! Dubbed as one of the biggest and most experiential competitions in Singapore, almost every dancer has been a part of it one way or another. What we know so far is that this year, at long last, the important dates are 13 and 14 August. And the battling grounds will return to Our Tampines Hub.

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Dance groups have always been the hype, from the award-winning Jabbawockeez and wildly popular Kinjaz to the unforgettable Royal Family and spectacular Brotherhood. And dance crew competitions? All the more grand and exciting. From blood, sweat and tears (literally, for some), these competitions test dancers in every way possible.

It’s no different for Super 24. With its concept by local dance studio O School, Super 24 “brings a new dimension to dance showcase competitions in Singapore”. Here, they showcase the very best of their talents and the depth of their unity as a team. The competition brings about novel constraints that dancers have to manoeuvre in and emphasises both teamwork and ingenuity.

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How It Works

Dancers form teams of exactly 24 members and dance within an 8 by 8-metre square for 90 seconds. What that also means is that dancers have to come up with creative ways to engage all four sides — each side holding audience and also one judge. Diverging from the normal practice of the ‘front view’, no action will be unnoticed. Ultimately, this is where it amplifies how “every dancer counts”.

To take home the Super 24 championship title, teams have to exemplify excellence in creativity, adaptability and team unity. Those that really thrive are the ones who turn ‘constraints’ into advantages instead, making use of all four sides to really display unique concepts as well as fresh, different ways of execution. However, if you ask me, I think teams that cover five views (the fifth one being the top view) are the winning ones.

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Well, one thing’s for sure. We think this will be greater than ever and as monumental as overseas competitions. The community is itching to get back into the groove and we know there will be greater choreography, mind blowing creativity and concepts from passionate dancers. So, are you joining in the fun this year?

Keep your dancing feet busy and your eyes peeled for the latest Super 24 updates here real soon!

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All images courtesy of Super 24 and O School.


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