R&B artiste Feez comes back with a breakthrough single, leading towards an album release next year.

Cover art by Nisa. Courtesy of Feez, Zendyll Music and HVT Entertainment

Coming in hot this month is Feez’s first single in 2022 since ‘UNDER’ and his second release under HVT Entertainment. ‘Tipu Lagi’, translated to ‘Lie Again’, is the charming artiste’s testament to levelling up his artistry — serving as the first of many upcoming material leading up to a full body of work, set to release in 2023.

Courtesy of Francis Fariz (@francisflyhigh)

More than relatable, the track expresses the “woes and desire of staying in a relationship with someone despite being neglected and lied to”. We question the individual experience and self-rhetoric, end up enduring any sort of treatment anyway and express the despair and helplessness of being unable to leave a one-sided relationship. In ‘Tipu Lagi’, Feez exposes this vicious cycle and the value of relationships that lead into downward spirals of self-worth and self-esteem.

“I fortunately haven’t been in a relationship like this myself, but people close to me had, which inspired the narrative of this song. This song is relatable to me, and I’m sure for others as well — beyond purely romantic relationships, such as friendships, and people who come and go in life. It speaks to the unhealthy and unrealistic expectations on either end that need to be outgrown,” shared Feez.

The song was first created at the end of 2021 by Feez and producer Dan Rafaael. And through the hands and nimble minds of HVT’s Creative Head RIIDEM and producer PravOnTheLoose, the R&B pop ballad gained its nuances of dark, romantic, almost vaporwave background. With a strong, funky bassline in the pre-chorus, accompanied by a pulsating, hard-hitting beat and a catchy hook, ‘Tipu Lagi’ has been performed live a couple of times at Majulah Live x It’s A Rap, and most recently at IGNITE! Music Festival and Majulah Block Party

Courtesy of Mohd Zharfan (@cptzharf)

PravOnTheLoose added, “I was so impressed from the first listen of the demo from Dan and Feez with the drums, bass and the rhythmic elements — it was such a vibe. Working together with RIIDEM, we added ambient, atmospheric sounds to the song, creating a sense of melancholia and darkness to the track.”

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‘Tipu Lagi’ is the first of three songs from Feez set to launch this year. More excitingly, there will be an exclusive launch party in mid-September for the song’s official dance visualiser as well as a showcase of all three songs. The former will illustrate Feez’s live performance at IGNITE! Music Festival, featuring STNY Brothers represented by Dreamfellas with their choreography for ‘Tipu Lagi’.

About Feez

Feez, a Canadian-born singer-songwriter with Singaporean roots, comes from a musically-inclined family. His parents made a living for years as singers and his sister is a recording artist herself. In 2019, his cousin and producer Dan Rafaael ignited his music career, and Feez has been gaining momentum ever since.

The rising talent gives a style that marries modern day musical influences — the likes of Drake, Chris Brown and Ty Dolla $ign — with cultural roots by embracing the beautiful language of Bahasa Melayu. His previous release, ‘UNDER’ featuring fast-rising rapper YHB Sleepsalot is a testament to that mission.

Check out and stream Feez’s other songs down below!

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