6 Singapore Streetwear Labels To Watch

Take it from creatives to know how to dress well, especially those who reimagine streetwear in local contexts. Spruce up your wardrobe with Singaporean pride!

Courtesy of THE FLIPSIDE

Streetwear has been one of the prime shapers in pop culture for decades. It originated from Japan’s nightlife, the Hip-Hop scenes of New York and the surf-skate and graffiti culture of Los Angeles — all in the ‘90s. It’s a (not so, now) new way for us all to express our style and individuality through the language of clothes. And the plus point is that it’s as cool as it’s comfortable.

Stüssy x Dover Street Market x Carhartt WIP. Courtesy of Stüssy

Shawn Stussy, the iconic founder of worldwide loved Stüssy, fashioned one of the oldest streetwear brands. The Californian surfboard manufacturer started it all in the early 1980s when he scrawled his surname on handcrafted boards. Then, the genius idea of transporting that signature onto caps, shorts and T-shirts.

Burberry x Supreme Spring 2022 Collaboration. Courtesy of Supreme

After that, more stylish labels and influential designers came about to push the streetwear movement to what it is today, from Vetements and Off-White to Supreme. What’s even more amazing is how streetwear has also penetrated the luxury field, giving some of the most coveted collections. Just to name a few: Supreme x Burberry, Dior x Nike, Converse x Telfar and Gucci x The North Face.

Supreme x Louis Vuitton collection in 2017 by Virgil Abloh peer Kim Jones. Courtesy of Louis Vuitton

But what of the Singapore streetwear scene? If you’ve been following how it’s been here in the Lion City, you would’ve seen the likes of Dover Street Market Singapore, tons of vintage thrift stores, the rise of Youths In Balaclava, as well as several less-known fashion businesses pop up. Now, we know you must have your favourites but we’ve picked out a couple of outstanding local labels who are really bringing it to the scene.


Courtesy of SPADES

A multi-label collective that seeks to represent emerging, impressionable brands and creatives, SPADES is a curated space with “the best of what Singaporean and international creatives have to offer”. Its selection features talents that the collective believes will shape and nurture the culture here.

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With a focus on everything encompassing the creative industry, from fashion to music and art, SPADES aims to create a space for all to learn, socialise and create as a community. This inspiring brand wants to eradicate “the idea of “smaller” brands being segregated as a different class from bigger brands”.

Bond over the appreciation for creativity at their physical store by 48 MacTaggart Road or shop online at spadesroom.com!

Wacky Wears

Courtesy of Wacky Wear

Wacky Wears connects independent local creators to the marketplace. So it’s also about bringing creative communities together — something we love to hear!

Additionally, all the campaigns work on a pre-order basis which really helps the case of fast fashion versus sustainability. Through this process, the label manufactures the exact amount of inventory sold and refrains from dead stocks or unnecessary waste. Wacky Wears notes that this model also allows for exploration of their selected creators’ designs as well as theirs.

Its most recent campaign, ‘Live Planter’, was with 19-year-old Joshua who has a design style that echoes ‘90s Techno and Sci-Fi. The T-shirt design has a grungy feel with a lighthearted vibe and is inspired by brands like Prmtvo and Wearebraindead.

Browse through Wacky Wear’s in-house pieces and support our lovely local creators here!


Courtesy of THE FLIPSIDE

This label is known by many names: Flipside, shoptheflipside, smiley brand, smiley pouch brand and watermelon seed eye brand. Even with various ‘personas’, its style remains grunge yet chirpy at the same time. Conceptualised with a lack of definition, it allows space for growth while emanating “a world of possibilities and none at all”.

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Last November, the label released a limited membership necklace that’s entirely made of solid brass. The fact that each necklace is unique with different numbers makes its appeal stronger with an exclusive sense of community.

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Shop THE FLIPSIDE’s collection stocked at SPADES or at theflipside.shop.

Li Seng Min

Courtesy of Li Seng Min

Li Seng Min is named after a garment business by two young brothers in the 1940s, which was rebranded to ‘Crocodile’ later. The owners of this current label brought the idea back for the new generation — a nod to the beautiful Singapore heritage and “the youthful fighting spirit of the original founders”.

With its purposeful direction, the brand looks and continues to make fun, quirky shirts through collaborations with creatives, art directors, artists, illustrators, graphic designers and more from all over the world. Some of these brilliant partnerships were with Singaporean graphic designer Jeremy Tan, Korean comic book artist Sungmin and English illustrator Darren Shaddick.

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Check out Li Seng Min’s range of merchandise here!

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The brainchild of creative Fiona Ng, stilnook was created during circuit breaker and consists of handmade pouches, bags, accessories and T-shirts. The label explores textiles and uses natural materials like leaves, wood, rust pigments and common food waste. And with natural dyeing, stitching and eco-printing, the label produces one-of-a-kind products for all.

Courtesy of stilnook

As tedious the process of crafting stilnook’s products, slow-fashion is sort of all the rage right now and becoming more popular. In an interview with L’Officiel, Fiona shares that her biggest inspiration is “from nature, such as its textures, lines and patterns”.

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Get your hands on stilnook’s distinctive pieces here.

See You At One

An attempt at going against the grain of concepts where time and money are irrevocably intertwined, See You At One (SYAO) is derived from the skateboarding roots of its owners. The label is about “exploring the other side of clarity, confidence and comfort”, and anything that may be overlooked but flouts expectations. From that focus, SYAO creates more ideas and clothing without conventional seasons but with added authenticity.

Courtesy of See You At One

Knowing that skateboarders dress impeccably, we can expect quality and unpretentious clothing translated into graphic T-shirts, deconstructed trousers and oversized hoodies.

Shop SYAO’s collections at SPADES, Dover Street Market Singapore or seeyouatone.com.

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Take it from innovative and original creatives to know how to dress well. Spruce up your wardrobe with Singaporean pride!

Get to know some more homegrown labels visualised and made by musicians here.


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