Size-inclusive Thrift And Vintage Stores To Visit In Singapore

Secondhand doesn’t mean second-best. In fact, there’s something for everyone at these size-inclusive thrift and vintage stores!

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While the notion of a one-size-fits-all label is often a stretch, the ethos of fashion being for the masses still rings true. Contrasting catwalks and magazines during the early 2000s that predominantly feature slim body types, 2022 has seen a shift in the paradigm thanks to the rise of social media calling forth the necessity of inclusive fashion.

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As someone who falls into the in-between sizes category — ranging from a UK size 10 to 14 — I resonate with this sentiment. Shopping for clothes can often go from being stress-relieving to an arduous task. Although I am fortunate to be able to find my sizing in regular retailers, it has become increasingly jarring to me that the size range I squeeze within is still too limited a range for others.

Unfortunately, a solution would be to shop from fast-fashion retailers like Shein, ASOS or H&M, especially for individuals seeking to keep up with the latest trends. However, this comes at a high cost of unfair labour practices and detrimental effects on our climate. So if you are anything like me, you would have probably already looked at greener alternatives to shopping for clothes, like thrifting — a circular clothing consumption practice.

The local thrift scene in Singapore has grown tremendously over the years since it picked up mainstream attention. There is now an influx of thrift stores for you to browse through, serving up a wide range of aesthetics from Y2K to the Singaporean interpretation of gorpcore. And if you would like to get your hands on some fashionable, inclusive pieces, look no further than our list of thrift and vintage stores.

Courtesy of Function-Five Thrift Shop (@ffivethriftshop)

Function-Five Thrift Shop

It’s not often that you hear of a store that offers free clothing on top selling pieces below $30, but that’s precisely what Function Five Thrift Shop brings to the table. True to the origins of its name — which according to the co-founders, is based off the F5 key keyboard, aka the refresh function — the store breathes renewed life into pre-loved clothing that finds its way into homes instead of landfills.

The brand has built quite the name for themselves since its opening and rightfully so. Beyond their uniformed pricing system that makes shopping a breeze, the store also provides a wide range of sizes for ALL of their apparel. And with stacked deals of free jackets or T-shirts with every purchase, you definitely do not want to give this store a miss.

Cop a bargain from Function Five Thrift Shop at 43 Arab St, Singapore 199742.

Courtesy of ASHITAGAARU (@ashita_ga_aru)


Tucked away in a nondescript corner of Peninsula Plaza is the Japanese-inspired store ASHITAGAARU. Most commonly known for their $6 vintage jeans, this quaint store also carries quality leather coats, vests and workwear overalls that are the envy of any indie-alternative dresser. Think Carhartt coveralls, Levi’s bell-bottom jeans, cargo pants and aviator jackets that belong on the set of Top Gun. Though their leather coats are understandably much pricer than their jeans, it’s still a bang for your buck as compared to buying these first-hand and comes in a wide range of sizes.

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If you’re unable to find your size or are looking for a specific cut for your jeans, do not hesitate to ask the lovable store owner who will make your shopping experience all the more pleasant. So be sure to pay him a visit.

Pop by their store at 111 North Bridge Rd, #02-45 Peninsula Plaza, Singapore 179098.

Courtesy of Honsie Ponsie (@honsieponsie)

Honsie Ponsie

Bridging the ever-prominent gap of menswear in Singapore’s sustainable fashion scene is Honsie Ponsie, a humble local business that promises trendy second-hand clothing at affordable prices. Handpicked by founder Hon Liang Lung, the store features a myriad of options from assorted carpenter shorts to climate appropriate jackets, all priced between $15 to $35 on average.

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And for those who are unacquainted with how circular fashion works in Singapore, Honsie Ponsie’s founder has eloquently summarised what donating clothes is like in our island as seen above. The brand has also featured multiple secondhand stores in the past on their socials, a testament to their passion for all things sustainable and good — for both the environment and the community.

Bring your biggest tote bag and shop to your heart’s content at Honsie Ponsie, located at 1 Queensway, #02 40A, Singapore 149053.

What’s more…

For those who are willing to splurge a little more for reworked goods or exclusive cops that are hard to find elsewhere, here are some vintage stores for you to visit.

Courtesy of Stakeout (@stakeoutstakeout)


Whether you’re looking to emulate Guy Fieri or a couple of badass bikers, Stakeout has you covered with an assortment of Harley-Davidson Sweaters, graphic button-ups and even cowboy vests if you so fancy. The store has tiered pricing similar to The Editor’s Market, so gather your top crew or make new friends at Stakeout, an option we highly recommend taking as the staff are incredibly friendly and easy-going; making for a comfortable environment to meet new people. This ties in with their advocacy for inclusivity — in both sizing and belonging — as everyone is full of ‘good vibrations’ a term coined by the founders themselves.

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Adding to the vibes of the place, all customers will be given a chance to add their favourite songs to the store’s groovy playlist upon visiting, a feature I look forward to with every visit.

Vibe with Stakeout at 635 Veerasamy Rd, #01-154, Singapore 200635.

Courtesy of VintageWknd (@vintagewknd)


With a size range that goes up to UK 18, there was no way I could have left VintageWknd out of this list. If reworked pieces are what you seek, then VintageWknd is the store that delivers. Periodically releasing unique collections like ‘Lunar Luxe’ which reimagines luxury scarves into bags and trousers, or ‘Super Denim’ that sees denim textile waste transformed into dresses and jackets, shoppers can have a field day finding pieces they resonate with. For those who aren’t big on shopping in person, you can take delight in the website’s ‘shop by size’ function that allows for easier browsing.

Shop their pieces online here or visit them at First Center #08-08, 50 Serangoon North Ave 4, Singapore 555856 for their original outlet. Alternatively, head to Superwasted at 16 Haji Ln, Singapore 189209 to browse their entire reworked collection.

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