Where To Get The Best Goth-core Accessories Our Island Can Offer

Ice out your fits with these gothic neck candies to usher in the spooky month of October with a hand-picked selection of artisan bling.

As far as street style is concerned, Bella Hadid is the poster girl for all things Y2K. And she never disappoints, having been spotted just a month ago pairing her tank air baby tee with a novel silver necklace from Istanbul-based jewellery brand Moira X Mel. Reminiscent of coiled rose thorns, the torc-like accessory gives the supermodel’s outfit a grungy edge that leans towards the ‘Goth-core’ aesthetic — a rising trend amongst the TikTok-loving generation.

For the uninitiated, grungier looks have been dominating the interwebs this year as Y2K makes its resurgence in various waves. The most recent splash? ‘Goth-core’. Think figure-hugging corsets, midi skirts, a whole lot of black and most important of all, matching accessories to tie it all together.

Swapping the vibrant beaded necklace trend from the noughties for a more muted palette with a couple of spikes and chains, ‘Goth-core’ brings about a revised version of punk fashion from the early 00s with renewed vigour.

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Keen on getting a gorgeous piece of metallic neck candy for yourself? If you’d like to serve up some it girl realness the next time you step out of the house, look to Dreamfellas’ list of the local stores that house the best gothic accessories money can buy.

Courtesy of whowantsaynow (@whowantsaynow)


Don’t let their unorthodox marketing distract you from the star of the show. whowantsaynow, otherwise known as WWSN, has a quaint selection of layered necklaces that are in part an ode to the Victorian era but with a modern, quirky twist. Inspired by Bratz, Anime like Kakegurui and even Shrek — yes you’ve read that right — WWSN’s creations are idiosyncratic and a closet staple for the unconventional dresser.

Be part of the WWSN club here.

Courtesy of Rebel Label (@shoprebellabel)

Rebel Label

With a wide selection to choose from, Rebel Label does a fine job of spoiling its customers and rightfully so. Apart from layered necklaces, Rebel Label offers a matching array of earrings and rings that can be worn with just about any outfit. If you face the issue of not knowing how to mix and match your metals, Rebel’s pieces have you covered.

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Be sure to keep a close eye on their socials, as Rebel Label has an exciting new drop on the 21st of October that features more masculine pieces for the fashion lover seeking out icy bling without dainty gems.

Splurge to your heart’s content here or visit Plop Apparels to get an up-close look.

Courtesy of Visual Jargon (@visualjargon)

Visual Jargon

Stocked exclusively at Spades room, Visual Jargon brings to the table a handful of precious stones that lean more towards the bohemian vibes but still retain a certain edge that’ll make you the envy of any indie kid out there.

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What’s more, the store has a couple of slots open for customs every now and then, so do give them a follow on their socials and keep your eyes peeled.

Check out their stuff here and pop by Spades Room to make a purchase!

Courtesy of bijou & trinkets (@bijouandtrinkets)

Bijou & trinkets

Resembling teardrops and delicate morning dew, bijou & trinkets pieces offer a softer approach to the ‘goth-core’ aesthetic while still holding out on their own to provide extra flair to any outfit. Whether you’re a ‘beginner’ goth or someone who enjoys handmade jewellery, you’ll want to check out the store as their pieces are truly one of a kind.

Shop for a precious necklace here.

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