9 Local Musicians To Look Out For In 2024

From indie pop singer-songwriters to EDM artists, here are nine local music artists you should be tuning in to this year.

2023 saw an exciting year for local music. With the local scene itself garnering more attention, all eyes are on the artists who have been making a name for themselves in this scene.

Here are ten local musicians whose work has left us hungry for more in 2024.

Courtesy of Parka

Regina Song

With 1.2 million streams on Spotify in 2023 alone, you may have stumbled across Regina Song’s music before.

Her simple, hopelessly romantic tunes, like “love… at first sight?” and latest release “venus” with a dash of pop rock in “heartache frenzy” provides an easy listen that captivates the heart of younger audiences.

Already starting the year off with a bang at Music Day Out! 2024 and opening for Filipino-Australian singer-songwriter grentperez, this rising pop princess proves her potential to be the nation’s sweetheart as she teases for her releases this year.

Listen to Regina Song on Spotify here.

Courtesy of Shentonista

Count Vernon

Count Vernon, an indie/alternative rock project by Eli Ordonez, has steadily been gaining traction ever since the band's appearance as a Baybeats Budding Band in 2023.

Count Vernon's full length album The Nomad Diaries which was released towards the end of last year, was positively received by many, earning it a spot in Hear65’s Best Albums of 2023.

We can’t wait to see what Count Vernon has in store for us this year.

Listen to Count Vernon on Spotify here.

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Courtesy of jupiterkid


Not an unfamiliar name in the singer-songwriter scene, jupiterkid has graced multiple intimate gigs throughout 2023.

He has managed to rack in 99k listeners on Spotify in 2023 alone and most recently, has released a heartfelt EP in early February.

We are definitely looking forward to hearing more of his songs being played in MRT stations, alongside his singles like “oh, jessie” currently already being played.

Listen to jupiterkid on Spotify here.

Courtesy of Mary Sue

Mary Sue

From releasing a full length debut album to performing at Baybeats 2023 and even going on tour in Kuala Lumpur and China, Mary Sue has proven to be an impressive force to be reckoned with, accomplishing all that within just a year.

Already making a name for himself and the Clementi Sound Appreciation Club in the underground abstract hip hop scene locally and internationally, Mary Sue is an artist you don't want to sleep on.

Listen to Mary Sue on Spotify here.

Courtesy of Saylah Studios


Truly a fresh face in the scene, emmarae just recently released her debut EP think of me in January 2024.

With Saylah Studios’ touch on the production of her EP, her honest, coming-of-age-like tracks are reminiscent of the sounds of Conan Gray and Chloe Moriondo.

We hope to uncover more of her hidden potential through her creative works this year.

Listen to emmarae on Spotify here.

Courtesy of Shentonista

San (aka The Wordsmith)

Having recently released NYAWA MIXTAPE Vol. 1 last year, all eyes are on this prominent up-and-coming figure in the hip hop scene.

Just months after an impressive set at Baybeats 2023 with his Budding Band, The Workshop, San has already made his way to Okinawa, Japan for the Music Lane Festival on 19 January 2024.

We’re keeping our eyes peeled for more of San’s solo projects as well as his activities with The Workshop in 2024.

Listen to San on Spotify here.

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Courtesy of Danesh Leonadi

Danesh Leonadi

After making his appearance at a few gigs and releasing his single "Godsent Mistake" last year, Danesh Leonadi has found his footing once again in the local scene.

Having welcomed various fellow artists in his humble BeingHuman Studios and releasing a single "Ivory" with Sio Lubis, fans and listeners can expect to see more from him in the year ahead.

Already getting the ball rolling in March with his EP I'm Just Being Human, Danesh's proclaims, "2024 will be the year of releases".

Listen to Danesh Leonadi on Spotify here.

Courtesy of ICY BP


After going through a revamp, this label comprising iconic brothers Ray Martin and MF Bil, has gone on to release their full length album SLATT ST!LL in 2023.

Having helmed multiple star-studded events like their very own REVAMP 2.0 and even the one-and-only Bring The Roof Down, as part of Peace Out Festival, ICY BP is on a roll and shows no signs of stopping.

Listen to ICY BP on Spotify here.

Courtesy of Inflake


EDM lovers, this one’s for you. Ilham J. aka inflake is an EDM artist who has been active in the scene for awhile now.

Slowly expanding his reach with his recent album as we once were, he recently dropped his remix of LAYYI’s “control” early February.

We'd be stoked to hear more of his genius takes on other artists' tracks as well of his own works.

Listen to Inflake on Spotify here.

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