Homegrown R&B Artists Feez, Syaz Smooth & Yao Releases ‘Back Again’

Local gems Feez, Syaz Smooth and YAØ team up in new single ‘Back Again’ — an epic slow jam reconceptualised from Feez’s previous release ‘Tipu Lagi’.

Cover art by Yuvraj Sood (@yvsdna)

On the road to forging milestones in the music industry, Canadian-born R&B and Pop artist Feez collaborate with exceptionally talented music figures, Syaz Smooth and YAØ, in ‘Back Again’.

Picking up right where he left off in previous single ‘Tipu Lagi’, Feez join the ranks of Universal Music Group Singapore’s rising artists.

Under the skilful hands of up-and-coming producer PravOnTheLoose, along with additional production by esteemed producer RIIDEM, Feez continues the ‘Tipu Lagi’ narrative in his first release of 2023.

“It was an experimental process, having Feez take the lead in the overall direction while Syaz and YAØ brought their own individual charms to the table. Our aim was to borrow elements of Tipu Lagi to present a completely new track but still remain true to the original,” PravOnTheLoose shares.

YAØ, Feez and Syaz Smooth.

The hypnotising track brings us on a journey with the trio’s polished vocals together and each other’s unique sonic personas, paired with lyrics that beg your heart to open up. Smooth as butter, indeed.

Starting off briefly with a line from ‘Tipu Lagi’, we’re pleasantly surprised by being transported immediately into a completely new star-studded realm where the slow jam begins.


“Writing a verse on this track felt really refreshing because it allowed me to explore a realm that I haven’t really ventured into in my own music. I hope the listeners would catch onto the ominousness in this track through the melodies I’ve experimented with in this verse.” YAØ added.

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More excitingly, in the upcoming months, fans can expect to be spoiled with a plethora of content from Feez including the ‘Back Again’ visualizer done by the skilful hands of multidisciplinary designer DNA (deathbydna).

Shot on a green screen and with CGI-heavy visuals, the music video will be themed around an alternate reality of the ‘Tipu Lagi’ realm. In an explosion of vibrant scenery, each artist’s visuals will symbolise different emotions experienced by a lover.


Looking ahead, Feez will continue to explore various themes in his music by working on more English language releases and an increased frequency of his drops.

The up-and-coming star will also officially launch his very own YouTube account with vlog-style content where fans can immerse into his world, beyond just the music.

Plus, we’ll soon be able to stream Feez’s highly raved song ‘Balik’, which was first previewed at IGNITE! 2022. So stay tuned and keep a close lookout on his socials for more to come!

About Feez

Hailing from a musically-inclined family, Canadian-born R&B and Pop artist Feez came to Singapore in 2019 and had since been creating music that unifies both his Canadian and Singaporean roots. Inspired by his singer parents and recording artist sister, Feez has been steadily building momentum over the past 3 years, performing live and featuring on tracks with other rising artists.

With tracks that are sure to keep you moving, Feez creates a style that is uniquely his by marrying together his musical influences such as Chris Brown, Michael Jackson and Drake, as evident in his latest release, ‘Tipu Lagi’. Determined to showcase Singapore’s talent to the world, Feez is picking up the tempo and expanding on his English releases.

About YAØ

YAØ is a singer/songwriter, with a unique direction. The self-produced artist’s musical confections embody a love child of urban soul and contemporary pop.

A career-early flirtation with Japanese City Pop catapulted him into the pop music hemisphere with his retro-inflected 2018 single ‘Scenery’. His debut EP Love & City Lights in September 2019 received acclaim from Singapore music press and radio stations.

YAØ released his latest single ‘Broke Pop Kids’, an anthem for this generation’s youthful hearts with big dreams and empty pockets. The track was a sneak peek into his highly-anticipated debut album of the same name, released on 8 July via Universal Music Singapore which he recorded and produced on his own.

About Syaz Smooth

At only 16 years old, the R&B and ballad singer, Syaz Smooth, is already ahead of his peers in the industry. Syaz entered Asia’s Got Talent (Season 2) at 12 years old where he quickly gained traction in the singing industry in Singapore after legendary musician, composer, arranger, record producer and music executive, David Foster, gave the young singer his artist moniker and sang praise about his vocals.

In 2022, Syaz dropped his debut single “Menunggu” under Universal Music Group Singapore and amassed a total of 188k streams on Spotify and 14k views on YouTube. Syaz Smooth also released the Malay version of the viral, hit single ‘Angel Baby’ by Troye Sivan. He also performed for SURIA’s Sinar Lebaran concert for Hari Raya and at the Launch of Bulan Bahasa (Malay Language month) on 3 September.

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